The Goldbergs 4×09 ‘Globetrotters’:” Making moments


On the surface I am very much like Murray on The Goldbergs. Emotions are not really my thing when it comes to people, but like him with sports – I am full of feelings when it comes to TV, and with that…I was full of tears this week thanks to scrapbooks and the Harlem Globetrotters.

Fact: I had did not realize the Globetrotters were not a part of the NBA until a couple of years ago. I always wondered how they didn’t win more games with all those tricks. Anyways, Adam is far from the biggest sports fan but fell in love with these guys thanks to their abundant showmanship. While he thought he found his new love, Barry was not about it and started to give him absolute hell.


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Elsewhere Murray was turning 50 and Beverly wanted to throw him a surprise party. What wasn’t a shock was he slept through the whole thing. Upsetting his wife, she then made a huge deal about him not caring about marking their moments. Was anyone else gullible and falling for the tax returns are his memories bit? Because I totally thought he was being sincere. Damn that music playing, it tricked me!

Of course all the Goldbergs wound up working things out in heartfelt ways. I think anyone with siblings could sympathize with Barry about losing his label. We’re all something particular in our family and it can feel strange to lose that. It’s like losing a part of who we are. I was always the smart one with her life together, so when I got older and struggled to find work – I broke down. I was no longer the “good” one. Then there was Murray taking Bev’s words to heart and making a moment for her that brought her (and you, and me, and anyone watching) to tears.

Next week we’re getting what appears to be a Star Wars themed holiday episode, can’t wait!

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