The Goldbergs 4×08 ‘The Greatest Musical Ever Written’: Lasagna


Half of my high school existence was spent in theater but I was never as passionate about it as Adam on The Goldbergs. While I would’ve been happy far in the background of something like Phantom of the Opera, this kid was living for it – too bad his brother wasn’t. While Barry was figuring out a way to sabotage his brother’s endeavor, Erica was trying to escape her mother’s Home Economics class.

Back in 2008 American Idol had contestants do songs from the most famous Andrew Lloyd Webber plays and ever since I’ve been haunted by his creepy demeanor. That on top of my lack of love for live performances really had a little bored with the throwback this week. Even today, I don’t get the hype around Hamilton. When they performed at the Grammys, I thought it was a horrendous history VHS from the ‘90s. Unpopular opinion aside, the great thing to come out of all of this was Barry and Adam’s relationship growing a bit after the older brother admitted to the younger one how he was jealous of him for being a part of something he wasn’t too good at.


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Elsewhere in the school Beverly was trying to teach Erica the importance of running a home by getting rid of the regular Home Ec. teacher and of course stepping in. I don’t fault Erica for thinking the way she did about being a parent or running a house. When you’re that age it’s hard to realize that stuff. We often don’t have the brainpower to say thank you to our parents for all they do, or rather did, until we’re adults and have had to pay rent, manage bills, cook our own food and so forth and so on. Looking back, I definitely wish I’d said it more often to my own mother for all she did to raise three kids basically on her own.

In the end I want to know why the hell they didn’t pay homage to Cats. Was that even the ‘80s?

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