The Goldbergs 4×07 ‘Ho-ly K.I.T.T’: The vegetable thing


Another year, another Thanksgiving on The Goldbergs, and another year that we get to watch Murray and his brother learn to love one another a little more. This year no one could’ve guessed that Adam’s obsession with Knight Rider would lead his father and uncle to bond and then quickly dissolve, but it did. While that was going on, Beverly had to learn to share her holiday with another cook in the kitchen.

Anyone who watches this show knows what to expect this time of year. Murray and his brother will fight over something, but they’ll eventually make up. Yup, like clockwork that’s where we were at this time around but with a twist. The brothers actually got along after falling for Adam’s Knight Rider collection and binge watching long before Netflix and Hulu were a thing. But their love was short lived after Adam caught them on TV at the parade freaking out over the car from the show – a parade he’d asked to go to. Which, you have to understand a bit where he was coming from. I can only imagine at that age seeing my mom and aunt at a Backstreet Boy show after her telling me I couldn’t go. I would be livid, but I don’t think it would lead me to drive a wedge in between them like Adam did with his dad and uncle.


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While Adam was seeking revenge, Beverly was working extra hard to get her family under one roof after Barry was invited over to Lainey’s house for the day. Of course that led Bev to invite Lainey and her dad over to their house – only she didn’t expect to have her dinner taken over but traditions from a new family; a bunch of store bought pies and deep fried turkey. This then resulted in her and Lainey’s dad battling over who deserved to cook more…too many sad tales there, but thankfully Beverly budged and they came to an understanding.

In the end everything worked out and the dinner table was full despite a stolen TV car that now had a dent, Erica preaching about vegetarianism, and a new set of cooking traditions in the mix.

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