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The Goldbergs 4×06 ‘Recipe for Death II: Kiss The Cook’: Gimbels


Action movies were all the rage in the ‘80s as they were this week on The Goldbergs as Adam and Murray found something they could bond over. So much so that dad even shelled out money for his son to make his own. While they were making feature films on a “high budget,” Erica was experiences mall makeover montages with Beverly – until things went sour.


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the-goldbergs-recipe-for-death-ii-kiss-the-cookWhen you’re a kid like Adam with a dad like Murray, it’s hard as hell to find common ground. He’s a nerd and dad’s well a man’s man in most ways…This week though we saw the bond they had over action movies. Never would have guessed Murray for a producer who’d actually want to take control because he’s usually more content on the couch in his undies. Here though you saw his passion for something other than his wife, TV, and sometimes his kids. While they didn’t see eye to eye – I did like that they managed to have a happy ending when the movie was all said and done.

Then there was the mother-daughter bonding going on. Only Erica just wanted her mom’s credit card for a sweater dress. How those were ever in style, I’ll never know but of course things went sour when Beverly realized she was only invited out shopping to buy things, and not for the quality time. I get that she’s a teenager and that’s how she’s supposed to be, but watching this as an almost 30-year-old, it kind of bummed me out. My mom’s someone I love to hang out with and the person I attribute my drive to. Being a senior, it’ll be interesting to see how long it takes before she grows out of that “I don’t really care about you” stage.

All in all a good episode but kind of one you don’t recall too much as the season goes on.

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