The Goldbergs 4×05 ‘Stevie King’: Little Shop of Horrors


In the honor of Halloween The Goldbergs decided to ditch Adam and Beverly’s couple costume this year and focus on Stephen King. Inspired by his words, Adam typed up his own nightmare with a familiar monster. While he was becoming the next great American author, Erica was dealing with a furious girlfriend who was onto her…

Never in my life have I ever read a Stephen King book. I am currently trying to get through his one about the act of writing, but nope – never one of his scary tales. I have seen a few of the movies based on them, and I get it but I can’t say I will ever be as passionate about this writer as Adam was. He was really taken by those stories and wrote his own based on who else? His mother. A true Momster, everyone understood it was Beverly minus…Beverly. When she finally sees this, she pulls a full on Misery.


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Elsewhere Geoff and his girl were planning a Little Shop of Horrors couple’s costume. Man, I really wish that girl’s gam gam was sick enough to make her miss the dance so Erica could’ve gone with Geoff as friends. Instead she was heartless and left her grandma in a damn coma so her man wouldn’t go with anyone else. While Erica then got called out for doing a couple’s costume with her own brother, I think she should’ve felt a little good about herself knowing that she was such a threat, someone would risk missing their loved one’s last breath.

In the end Pops accidentally makes Beverly think she’s Adam’s muse – which was okay just so long as she let him be him when it came to his words. You never want to edit someone’s creativity – ever. Then of course there were tears came when Barry sent in Geoff to cheer in Erica and she then realized being the Barry wasn’t that bad.

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