The Goldbergs 4×04 “Crazy Calls”: Dysentery


Holy ‘80s Batman! Oregon Trail, snazzy computers, answering machines. What didn’t The Goldbergs have this week? So all of those were just stepping stones towards the big picture of course; parental relationships. Beverly tried really hard to learn boundaries, while Murray and his dad learned the value of a conversation.

Finding a place to sit during lunch is crucial. I don’t care what decade you’re in, that’s a defining moment for everyone. I can still draw you a map of where all the cliques hung at my high school but that’s because we had to do that once my senior year and it stuck with me. The jocks, the goths, the preps, the skaters. Adam’s cafeteria had them all and then some but was still tableless. Did anyone else catch on right away when the jocks called him over that Beverly was behind it? I honestly thought Barry was going to pop up, push Adam and then we’d be left to watch Adam embarrassed in the middle of the room. Of course Beverly meddling in Adam’s life isn’t new but now that he’s in high school – he wants boundaries set and his mom was having a really hard time with that.


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Back at home Murray gave in and got an answering machine after Barry and Erica failed at giving him his messages. I’ve never actually had one of those in my entire life, so this episode was really like a look inside a history vault. I mean, I know what the hell they are, but didn’t realize what a breakthrough they were for families across the land. Anyways, Murray finally realizes that he and his dad can actually speak face to face instead of through a machine. Which is a great lesson for people today. Do you ever notice the most active people on social media are the quiet in person? It’s the most common split personality disorder that plagues this generation and perhaps it started with that damn answering machine.

Let’s back to Adam now, and get real for a second. Thinking back to high school – were you more concerned with being part of the most popular crew or did you just want to find where you fit in best? We have to appreciate that Adam wasn’t really striving to be the “cool” kid, but instead just wanted to find a place where he belonged because really, that’s what it’s all about. Even today, I see adults working too hard to be part of a “cooler” crowd and besides being sadly desperate – people just have to realize that popularity isn’t the end all, be all. What matters is finding people you can just be yourself with.

So next week it looks like we’re getting a Halloween episode with a little help from some Stephen King classics…

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