The Goldbergs 4×03 ‘George! George Glass!’: Paintball feelings


No matter how much a pain your siblings can be, they can always surprise you with doing something too sweet. This week we saw that when Adam saved Erica from humiliation on The Goldbergs after she almost failed at pulling off one of the most memorable lies in television history a la The Brady Bunch. We also watched as Murray continued to learn about sharing and caring.

Only the third episode and it already feels like we’ve been watching Erica be heartbroken over Geoff, so after Adam says he’s going to “George Glass” to win over the heart of Waffle Girl from season one – Erica does it first. Oh Jordan Wahlberg, we hardly knew ye. The saddest part is when she thought she couldn’t be caught and then…Evie went and unraveled the lie by asking too many questions that Erica had less than great answers for. My heart broke as I watched her sit there embarrassed as hell over the whole thing. While Geoff seemed to feel weirded out by the lie, there was something in Evie’s overall manner with him throughout the episode that made me feel like they aren’t going to last and that he’ll be Erica’s once again. All about the waiting…

Meanwhile Live Aid was the throwback to the ‘80s this week. Barry was pissed he couldn’t go, and in a twist – Murray did end up going when Beverly made him take her to what she thought was a Beach Boys show. All of that aside, Beverly had to point out to her husband that his stubbornness was more selfish than anything. Of course he learns the errors of his way and all that turns out fine and well. What also wound up working out was the whole George Glass fiasco. Adam saw how sad his sister was and somehow found an older guy to pretend to be Jordan Wahlberg. It was so sweet and definitely made me tear up, especially when they hugged and you knew how much it meant to her.

What really fell by the wayside was Adam’s whole thing with the Waffle Girl. I feel like he’s more of the narrator as a whole than part of the family this season. Perhaps that’s because Erica’s whole thing with Geoff has been such a concern?

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