The Goldbergs 4×02 ‘I Heart Video Dating’: The Oracle


Later than usual because of an early wake up call this morning, The Goldbergs had to wait until I got a second wind. Now that I have, let’s talk about love, dreams and what VDs. Did I Love the ‘80s cover video dating? I feel like this is either one thing from that series I have forgotten or they definitely did.

After being approached by a Video Dating salesman at the mall, Erica swears she can hook her best friend’s dad up with a lucky lady using this new found way of love finding. Beverly doubts her daughter’s skills, of course wanting to turn to her rolodex to help out their friend instead – nope – Erica takes this on and does horrible. In the end, it was ever about finding love for anyone else, it was about Erica trying to fill the hole in her heart left when she refused Geoff for the last time…and he finally moved on. What I hate about this plot line is how fast Geoff got over this girl he’d wanted for YEARS. I still think he and Erica will wind up together, but not before we see someone fake it like Jan Brady next week.


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Meanwhile Barry was taking one of those career aptitude tests and wound up fit for a bookkeeper. To which he scoffs because who wants to be a librarian…yeah, he was then told that’s not what it meant and was even more upset. Why not the neighborhood oracle? Which, I see a lot of nice homes with psychic signs outside…could that be an actual lucrative career? Anyways, Barry lands on being a gym teacher and actually excels at it until his dad gives him a “crystal ball” to steer him away from a future in P.E. It wasn’t hard to see that Murray regretted his decision when the coach got all butthurt. Goes to show you shouldn’t discourage your kids when they are actually good at something. Just because it isn’t your dream for them, doesn’t mean it’s a bad one.

Before I sign off, did people back in the day really refer to video dating as “VD?” Now more importantly, how many more episodes do you think we’re going to go before Erica gets her chance at love with Geoff again?

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