The Goldbergs 4×01 ‘’Breakfast Club’: Lady and the worm


For many The Breakfast Club is a personal favorite that speaks volumes about who they are as a person. For me, I really don’t care all that much for it. While I am forever in awe of what John Hughes for the teen movie genre, this isn’t one I’d consider watching over and over again. However, it is one of the most significant parts of the 80’s experience. That’s why it was no surprise when The Goldbergs decided to kick off their fourth season with an episode that spoke to both youths and those who aren’t so youthful.

Cliques aren’t just something you experience growing up and in school. They continue on throughout our entire lives and that means we’re forever wondering where we belong. The Goldbergs got into who the kids wanted to be as they started a new year of school; Erica’s last and Adam’s first but what I loved was the note about Beverly and where she belonged.


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Being a parent is nothing to take lightly and we can all agree that Beverly is one of the most intense smothers out there, but you can only mother for so long before you want to be you again. Being “mom” for too long can start to get old, and that’s why I am in favor of parents taking back their name in a way once their kids start to become grown. This came about due to my 23-year-old brother refusing to move out of our mom’s house. Right now she’s stuck as “Ray’s mom” instead of being “Diane.” Not in exactly the same boat, I feel Beverly loves her title as “mama” but at the same time she has way more to offer than cleaning dishes and making sure the laundry is done. So when she wanted to go back to work and was bullied out of it by not only her kids, but the staff – that was a little heartbreaking.

Adam said it best when he realized that while him and his siblings were trying to figure out who to be as teens, their own mom was struggling with it as an adult. A life lesson learned early on – fitting in isn’t something you can do with a change of clothes. Even if it is an awesome Bender inspired outfit or a sweater with a bedazzled worm.

Now that we’ve seen Erica accept her fate in love, for now, and have realized this may not be the best year for Adam in school – what else do you hope to see this season? It’s clear this show is superb with homages and throwbacks, and in the coming weeks they’ll look at video dating and even take on one of the best Brady Bunch moments of all time. So what do you hope to see this year that we haven’t seen yet?

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