The Goldbergs 3×23 ‘Have a Summer’: Closet time


We all know how smothery Beverly can be, but she may’ve taken things to a whole new level on the season finale of The Goldbergs. When something gets in the way of her and Adam’s baby blanket, Murray ends up fitting the bill. Adam also outgrows his brother, almost – and their sister realizes something we’ve all figured for awhile now…too late.

Growing up is tough on those doing it, but have you ever sat there and thought about what it means to your parents? Every year you grow older, they do too – and along they way they have to watch this former baby grow into an actual living, breathing, contributing human. Can you imagine having a baby one day, blinking and then having teen, blinking once more and bam! An adult. For Beverly, it seems to have been easy to watch Erica and Barry all these years, but her last one of the bunch? Oh heck no. With that, when it was pointed out to her that baby had hit the puberty train pretty hard this past year – she was not happy. Some time in the closet with Adam’s baby blanket did the trick until Erica used it to safeguard her New Kids on the Black plate she planned to put in her school’s time capsule. Of course Bev made her help dig it up.

Meanwhile, being the end of the year – there was some hazing to be had on the incoming freshman. Only Barry’s target, Adam, ended up body slamming him in front of everyone. With that, the younger brother outshined the older and became a cool kid, finally. There was then a brotherly bonding thing where Adam helped Barry get back on top, but that wasn’t even the best part. It was Erica realizing her feelings for Jeff Schwartz. That’s how it goes, well in movies and on TV.

After Jeff pined over her all this time, and she denied him – his mixtape from the time capsule was the thing that drove her to realize she actually liked him. How bummed were you when Jeff and mini-Bev caught wind of one another? You knew at that exact moment what was about to go down BUT I think we all held onto hope that perhaps it wouldn’t be so. Do you think Jeff would instantly drop his new girlfriend if Erica admitted she wanted to be with him? I think he’d play hard to get because he wouldn’t want to appear desperate.

That’s it though. Another season down with one of the best family’s on TV. What will season four bring? Adam in high school, Barry and Lainey getting even more serious, Murray having more tender moments, Beverly getting a teaching certificate….Erica finding someone that’s not Jeff? I’m not sure, but I’ll be tuned in to see what happens!

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