The Goldbergs 3×23 ‘Big Orange’: ‘That’s Garfield’


All I wanted to do after this week’s episode of The Goldbergs was call my little brother can tell him I love him. Tears fell from my face thanks to Erica and Adam’s mystery solving duo, but I was also taken aback by the all-around lesson in having to let go to move on.

When Adam goes through the floor of the tree house out back, Murray decided (two years late) that it’s time to take the old thing down. Adam is the only one who can’t stand the idea and is saddened when his sister doesn’t want to preserve their once upon a time clubhouse, or rather detective agency headquarters. You have to appreciate an episode that has those old home movies of Erica in her braces talking with the ultimate lisp. Unfortunately those never seem to warm her heart as much…at first.


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Elsewhere Lainey and Bev were teaming up to take down Barry’s favorite shirt, Big Orange. Yes, he didn’t have to wear it in every school photo and to an anniversary dinner but come one, when you love a piece of clothing – what’s the big deal? I didn’t think they had to go so far as to ruin the shirt, but then again it is Barry and his hard head. So going to an extreme was necessary. I guess, but as someone who LOVES her t-shirt collection, twas a hard episode to watch. I would’ve rather they saved the shirt to frame instead of it becoming a rag.

Back to Adam and Erica. It was heartbreaking to watch Adam’s face when Erica told him she only played with him because she had to. No sibling wants their precious memories to be a sham. Thankfully though she was lying and planned to make up for it by building a new tree house for her brother. It made me think back to all the good times me and my brother had playing make believe, from ninjas to fashion agency. It’s weird to think we share x-amount of years with these live-in playmates that we may some day grow a bit apart from, but deep down we’re forever bonded by something as silly as a game of pretend.

The overall theme of tonight though was letting go. Barry said a sentimental adios to Big Orange, while Erica laid it out for Adam that he is going to be in high school next year and that he needs to let go of the past – of course she then started a new tree house with him, but still. This is the second time in recent weeks Adam’s gotten that high school warning. First from Dave Kim about Space Camp and then tonight. Is this a sign that he’s going to struggle next season as he transitions from junior to high school, or will he realize that his likes are what makes him who he is and that’s that?

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