The Goldbergs 3×22 ‘Smother’s Day’: Fisting Friends


After a look behind the scenes of The Goldbergs last week, things were back to normal and what we got was an Adam/Barry moment that could very well beat what we seen between them in “The Lost Boy.” Oh yeah, and it was Mother’s Day, but somehow two of the Goldberg kids managed to forget, and for that – there was hell to pay, and later a war to be fought.

Space Camp was apparently a thing that emerged in the 80’s and not just the top prize of science fairs in the 90’s. Anyways, of course Adam had his heart set on going and in of course – his dad was against it. Murray doesn’t get his son’s fascination with things that were out of this world, and well – he’s cheap. So he squashes Adam’s dream to go to space camp one last time because as Dave Kim stated…they’re going to high school next year, and that’s not the place for things like summers spent at space camp. Which, do high school science fairs at that level get a prize there??? How rude to think a 17-year-old wouldn’t want to “explore” the universe.


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While Adam tried to find out if Murray had ever had a dream in his life, his siblings were in deep. They forgot Mother’s Day and with that came Beverly cashing in on every single coupon those two had ever given her. Basically a lifetime of “one hug” and “whatever you wants.” Erica and Barry were more than upset, but we can all agree they went too far when they declared all the coupons had expired. Really though, your mom isn’t just someone who cooks and cleans. Have you ever seen childbirth? That alone should put your mother, especially one as devoted on Bev, on a pedestal for life. Instead, she was treated like trash.

Speaking of, it was no surprise that Murray’s dream was killed by his own dad long ago. However, it was a shocker to see that Murray was once a wannabe ventriloquist, along with a dummy that looked just like he does now because that’s what he looked like as a kid? Okay, odd kid aside, the reappearance of “Maury” didn’t really do much to sway him, but a quick chat with his dad made Murray realize he wasn’t the one who should stop Adam from soaring with the stars.

After a horrendous attempt cooking for their mom, Barry and Erica proved they loved her. And Murray even made us all extremely emotional when he bought Adam that trip to space camp. Did you love that part about family and how they’re supposed to help you reach for the stars or whatever? It pains me that shows like this are most times overlooked when it comes to awards and recognition because yeah, while it’s this throwback to a former time when dancing Coke cans were a thing, it has amazing comedy topped with endearing cherries.

With that, did your parents support or squash your childhood dreams, and how are they today? I’m thankful to say that this Mother’s Day I will be celebrating a woman who has never interfered with what me and my brothers have wanted to do in life, as she believes it’s our lives to live, to screw up, to learn from. Yeah, all three of us have made mistakes, but she’s always had our backs whether it was my older brother’s run in with the law, my mental breakdowns or my younger brother’s…well, that kids got a laundry list. While not as smothering as Beverly, I don’t think I could’ve asked for a better mom.

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