The Goldbergs 3×21 ‘Rush’: On trend


Rush is apparently a band that only resonated for those who legit grew up in the 80’s because I had no clue who they were until I Love You, Man. If it hadn’t been for that movie, then I would’ve heard about them tonight thanks to The Goldbergs. Erica discovered her rock roots didn’t have to be male based, while Adam realized just how great his mom really is.

Trends are hard not to follow when you’re growing up. For me, I skipped the Giga Pets but fell hard for the boy band craze that came in the late 90’s. For Erica, it was just about every musical fashion based trend to ever occur from her own boy band New Kids on the Block to looking like Cyndi Lauper. That all took a turn when Johnny Atkins got to her with a little Rush.


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While she was falling in love with a new band, and maybe a guy – Barry was freaking out over his mom gifting Adam a “Best Son” Oscar. While his reaction was a little much, he was 100% right to do so. If you have siblings and have never wondered and/or freaked out over who your parent(s) favor, you’re lying. It was sad to hear that Murray’s favorite was Erica and Beverly’s was obviously Adam, because that left Barry to be the stereotypical forgotten middle child. I can relate to that, but did like when he realized that he was okay without being the #1 guy in his mom’s life.

As Barry was trying to make Adam the favorite again, Murray was ruining his own life by hating on Erica’s new Rush-boyfriend. She was dumb to say she would marry the guy just to prove a point, but in the end I did like what her dad had to say. You don’t have to break up with the band just because you broke up with the boy. Plus, any episode where we get to hear her sing is a bonus – so plus side to her breakup was hearing her take on the only Rush song I imagine exists.

In the end she realized a boy doesn’t have to run her likes, and Adam learned how great his mom really is when she manages to throw him an epic birthday party in less than 24 hours. So what trends did you go through growing up, and did any of you ever feel like your parents favored your siblings over you?

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