The Goldbergs 3×20 ‘Dungeons and Dragons, Anyone?’: Gym class heroes


Patton Oswalt had to be stoked to narrate this week as The Goldbergs took on Dungeons and Dragons. While Adam learned the importance of friendship battling tree people and whatever, Beverly and Murray had to learn that “letting go is more important that holding on” when it came to Erica and her decision to go away for college.

Gym class was not the business for those who weren’t great at sports. The nauseous feeling felt whenever we learned we were going to have to run the mile that day in P.E…it still lingers in the back of my mind. I can only imagine how that intensifies for young men who are taught to believe that their worth comes from strength and whatnot. Adam and his friends sure felt down and out and continuously being picked last when it came time to divide into teams. With a powerful speech, he manages to convince the coach to change things up, but when he becomes the captain – he just picks the jocks and leaves his nerd gang out in the cold. Power makes us do crazy things.


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Speaking of crazy…Beverly was the one who didn’t want Erica to head out to college, but after her mind changed, it was Murray who opposed. Fathers will never not be okay with their baby girls going anywhere there are people who may take advantage of their daughter. Well, not my dad. He was always asking me about getting a boyfriend. Anyways, it was touching to see both parents taking something on together and it couldn’t have been a better time. Going to college is a crucial part of any family. This is especially true if and when the kid is planning on moving away. It changes the dynamic of things. However, will we see Erica leave? Modern Family tried to do it with Hayley and she obviously made her way back, and then they placed Alex only a few miles away. The Middle has successfully made it work with two of their own, but can The Goldbergs? Both of the aforementioned shows are set in the now and have Skype and cell phones. Erica and Beverly would be without instant connection. We’ll have to wait and see, but it was heartwarming to see Murray and Beverly support her decision to leave.

Meanwhile, we’d seen Adam and his friends battle it out in his basement with Dungeons and Dragons – but things took a turn when the coach noticed Adam being a poor sport when it came to his nerd revolution in the gym, and told him that Dave Kim would pick their next game and the winner would get a pizza party. So that left Adam to teach the jocks a thing or two about his world when Dave Kim declares war with Dungeons and Dragons. While it was cute when Adam killed himself in the game to save his friendships, I thought it was even better when Barry got invited to play with them at the end. Let that geek flag fly high Barry!

We walked away with two lessons this week with The Goldbergs. The first being the one we hear all the time, if you love something, let it go. The other being what Adam said of his friends, “It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s who you have along for the ride.” Words to live by!

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