The Goldbergs 3×02 ‘A Chorus Lie’: “Don’t be a moron…”


When you have a rough day, it’s nice to be able to sit down and get lost in TV. Big thanks to this week’s episode of The Goldberg’s for the distracting laughs over puberty, and for paying a little homage to Christian Slater. Wasn’t I just saying last week they need to do some Heathers? Now that I feel a bit psychic, let’s get to the show…

It was hard not to notice Adam’s changing voice during last week’s season premiere but we dove deeper into that this time around with a whole episode dedicated to what Barry has dubbed, “The Pubening.” The grand lesson at the end was that while puberty sucks, it’s just something we all have to go through. Unfortunately Adam didn’t realize that until after he let Beverley talk him into putting the whole thing off. Zits were fixed with the makeup counter, and his cracking voice in the school play was taken care of thanks to the Milli Vanilli scandal coming out. Don’t mean to call them out, but in real life, the lip syncing duo wasn’t outed until the summer of ‘89. That means the kids wouldn’t have been in school, doing a musical and attending homecoming.


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Facts aside, this was such a hilarious and heartfelt take on the physicalities of growing up. In my tired state I can only think of two other shows right now, and they both dealt with girls getting their first monthly visitor; 7th Heaven and Braceface. Yes, that animated show from 2001 had its lead character start her period. It was groundbreaking – to me anyways.

Moving on, while Adam was dealing with physical changes, Erica was told to work on her mental state. Lacking a date to the dance, Barry pointed out that his sister was turning into their father; a people loathing loner. She didn’t fight it until Murray made her try and change. Can we talk about her choice to go with that Johnny kid with the sax…in what world was he better than dorky Jeff? Which, let’s applaud Jeff for his “greetings and salutations.” It wasn’t a whole episode based around Heathers, but it still made me smile when they ended up actually getting slushies at the end. Do you think that at the end of this show she’ll be with Jeff, or is he just a notch in her dating post?

It’s weird to realize how much we go through when we’re teenagers, but somehow The Goldbergs are able to bring new stories to the table each week with both heart and hilarity. One last note, I only wish they could’ve worked, “My teen angst has a bodycount” into the mix.

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