The Goldbergs 3×19 ‘Magic is Real’: Tada!


Getting over your first love takes as long as it takes to find your second. Adam still isn’t over losing Dana on The Goldbergs, but thinks he’s found a new girl and tries to use magic to get in good with her. On the flip side, Barry is freaking out over the future and his lack of one when PSATs start to creep in.

As someone who didn’t have a love like Adam and Dana’s at their age, I’m a little on the outside looking in. I don’t know what it means to love at that age, but being in love today – I can’t imagine ever giving myself to someone again. To feel that at like 13-14, oh my god – imagine? You’re already all confused with the hormones and whatnot, add real heartbreak on top of that? Insanity. So that’s where Adam is but he thinks he’s found his second love when a ninth grader catches his eye. When he thinks magic is the way into her heart, at least a birthday party, he takes it up and of course Beverly is his assistant. Would you ever date a dude who showed up to do magic…with his mom?


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Meanwhile, Barry was realizing that his ways weren’t going to help him out in the future if higher education was a part of his plan. Those horrible tests we’re told to take for college were making Barry dread the future and it made him think he wasn’t going places and that he shouldn’t even dream because, really – what was the point? Surprisingly, well not really – we’ve seen this standoffish dad stand up many times before for his son, Murray was the one to make Barry realize his worth. Which is what great parents do. Not all kids are going to fall into the same educational box, but it’s important to push them to never stop believing in themselves. With that, Barry started to actually try and study for the test and who knows – he may be the most successful Goldberg in the end.

Sadly, Adam didn’t get the girl and was denied with a capital D. We then had to watch him breakdown in Beverly’s arms about Dana and thinking he’ll never find another. At his age though, he has to realize there will be more girls. I know Comic Con had been going on since the 70’s, so perhaps we’ll get some sort of convention where he stumbles upon a new geek gal to give his heart to?

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