The Goldbergs 3×18 ‘12 Tapes for a Penny’: Kermit D. Fonz


This is an episode even I could get behind in one aspect. Columbia House made its way into the 90’s during my childhood, but now I see that long before I marked off CDs I wanted – people in the 80’s were dealing with the cassettes of their dreams in what appeared to be quite the deal. While Adam was going down a dark hole of mail fraud, Barry was trying to win over his girlfriend’s dad on The Goldbergs.

Music has always been a luxury to teens and long before Mp3s, downloading and streaming became the norm – cassettes were golden. Those who couldn’t get their hands on those had to sit by the radio and wait. Which Adam hilariously pointed out as his dad came home from work talking loudly about Gilligan’s Island, Barry failed miserably at Operation, and his mom yelled at his sister. Those days were mere memories once Dave Kim introduced Adam to the wonderful (and horrendous) world of Columbia House. Who wouldn’t think 12 tapes for a penny was a deal? Only Erica tried to warn him. The power of all that music was too much for Adam though, and just when he thought it was over – his mom blamed…Erica?


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Meanwhile Barry was trying to convince Bill he was a good guy. It was hard though. I mean, Barry took a minute for me to even like, but now I love him like the annoying little brother that he is. Plus, he’s the middle child – I have to personally give him some slack. You knew it was bad when even Murray tried to help him out. Yes, the man who rarely smiles and when he does it’s terrifying – he tried to help his son win over his best friend.

A side note I didn’t see coming was Erica and Beverly’s whole ordeal. When the tapes get discovered, she’s instantly blamed and punished – even when Adam admits to it. He had a point though. When you’re always the bad kid, it’s hard for parents to see you as anything else. I was always the smart one, and my younger brother always got into trouble. So when I broke the handle to our mom’s truck – he was the one the finger got pointed out and only years later did I ever confess it was me. It was horrible, but hey – parents paint these pictures, we just go with it sometimes.

Come the end Adam finally got grounded for scamming, Erica and Beverly started anew and Barry for the respect from Bill he’d wanted all along. That ending about your family always seeing you for who you truly are – well, dang. That caused a lot of waterworks and usually I’d be okay with that – but I’m watching this in public and would rather not be the random girl crying at Hollywood and Highland.

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