The Goldbergs 3×17 ‘The Dirty Dancing Dance’: Nobody puts Erica in a corner…


One of my favorite movies to watch as a kid was Dirty Dancing. Trust me, looking back – I’m not sure why my mom let a five-year-old watch that on repeat, but maybe that’s what instilled in a disdain for authority? Not sure about that, but am 100% that I was stoked to hear The Goldbergs was going to pay their respect to one of the late Patrick Swayze’s best.

It’s rare Beverly finds something to bond with Erica over but they shared a love of Dirty Dancing, and when the idea to make that the theme of Erica’s school dance came up – excitement was all Beverly could feel…at first. Things quickly took a Footloose turn when the smother of all smothers took the principal’s side about banning the dance due to the risque nature. Of course this was exciting as well due to Barry’s love of the Kevin Bacon film that made “angry dancing” all the rage. By the end I’m not sure what caused more laughs – Barry’s umm…”dancing” in the gym or Erica’s epic fall when her Swayze failed to catch her.


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In the end her mother came to her side and Erica got her Dirty Dancing moment and that kid that’s in love with her got closer to having her as his one and only. I have hope for that kid, I really do. While I was enamored with this episode, I couldn’t help but be bothered by one timeline problem. Barry is so mad about his mom and sister loving Swayze as this sexy dancer because to him that actor is best as a bouncer in Roadhouse. In reality though, that movie came out two years after he danced his way into the our hearts. He was right to go on and on about Footloose though since that one came out a few years before and was more centered around teens and the man bringing them down. Timelines aside, it’s clear that when it comes to creating creative stories around iconic moments, sounds and other pop culture tidbits of a decade, this show is killing it.

Now, let us not forget that while Barry was hilarious in channeling Kevin Bacon, no one can touch that man’s moves…still.

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