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The Goldbergs 3×16 ‘Edward ‘Eddie the Eagle’ Edwards’: Futons


There is an episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia that still makes my skin crawl. I know they were promoting brands to be funny, but I can’t stand shameless plugs. Did the producers of that Eddie the Eagle slip some cash under the table to The Goldbergs this week? Because really, that movie isn’t the greatest one hitting theaters soon and it wasn’t a very memorable episode either.

Barry and Adam are inspired for that Eddie the Eagle guy and want to bring their Ball Ball game to the masses. They manage to make it a club at school but when a popular kid takes over, kicks Adam out and makes a fool of Barry – it isn’t as fun as they thought it’d be. With Barry’s losing streak going on, his little brother bursts his athletic bubble. Of course Barry couldn’t just take it with a grain of salt – nope. He decided to give up ALL sports. Meanwhile Murray was having some trouble at the store and would not accept Bev’s help. Even when she suggested selling the new craze – futons.


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Never having known the whole younger sibling idolizing the older one thing, I was not attached to the idea of Adam breaking Barry’s spirit when he said he sucked at Ball Ball. Erica made a good point that while he knows he’s not a hero outside the house, at least he is to his little brother in those four walls. I guess that was sweet, but I liked Murray being able to finally accept Bev’s help in the end. It’s hard for people to put their walls down and I get that. Only my Tumblr knows how I often feel, but when someone offers you a hand when you’re drowning – don’t be an idiot, grab it and thank them.

Usually I laugh and then quickly weep before the end credits role. This week, that just wasn’t the case. Maybe I was turned off by the Eddie the Eagle thing, as I’m personally upset that the lead in that is doing that after being in the incredible Kingsmen last year.

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