The Goldbergs 3×15 ‘Weird Al’: Breaking up is hard to do…


Growing apart is one of the casualties of growing up and it will always be a part of your life for as long as you continue to socialize. There are very few people you’ll have in your inner circle forever, but as Adam and Dana showcased on this week’s The Goldbergs – sometimes that change of pace is a good thing. While they were dealing with the end, Barry and Erica were diving into the counseling world, and Weird Al was serving up one hell of a guest appearance.

With Dana living across the country, we knew that her and Adam’s relationship couldn’t last that much longer. I wouldn’t have guessed their breakup would be paired with a Weird Al cameo. With his girl coming the same weekend as his comedic muse, Adam figured getting tickets to the Weird Al show was a perfect date night for the pair who loved parody comedy. Only Dana wasn’t that into him anymore. She wasn’t that into riding bikes, lazer tags and pogo ball for that matter. She would’ve rather just hung out and talked about her jelly shoes, instead her boyfriend hadn’t quite matured in the same ways she had. With that, they knew what had to happened.


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Meanwhile Barry figured he’d be a peer counselor and was horrible at it. Luckily for the school, his sister had a natural gift for the task. When the tension between them starts to boil over, they bet to see who can fix their dad’s “depression.” They later learn that Murray isn’t sad or mad, he’s just a dad and that yelling at them is what makes him happy. It goes to show that not everyone has to smile to be having a good time. Some are just born with a permanent scowl, but on the inside they could be as jovial as Santa Claus.

Murray didn’t need to be fixed, but Dana thought she and Adam’s breakup did. She didn’t want to get back together, but I think she showcased just how mature she was when she showed up in a Say Anything fashion to recreate how Adam won her heart once upon a time. It was cute, but in the end we learned that just because you outgrow something – it doesn’t mean you don’t like it anymore, it’s just time to move onto the next. It makes me think of friends you had back in the day that you rarely see anymore and only talk to once in a great while on Facebook. It’s not that you hate these people, it’s just that your lives headed in different directions. It’s okay to drive elsewhere as long as you send a postcard every once in awhile.

Side note though, as much as I teared up during that whole breakup – I thought Pops killed it when it came to the jokes. His take on Super Mario as the “super immigrant plumber” as well as his advice to Adam about getting over Dana…”you’re never going to get over the one girl until you’re under the next girl,” those were some of the funniest lines this show has ever delivered.

Change is inevitable and it’s just part of the deal when it comes to growing up. If we learned anything from this week’s episode though, it’s that Weird Al has some sort of anti-aging power. Really though, how does he not look any different?

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