The Goldbergs 3×14 ‘Lainey Loves Lionel’: Porky’s


Yesterday Fresh Off the Boat taught us a little about romance and tonight The Goldbergs did more or less the same as Erica tried to teach her brother what women want while their dad forced their younger brother to start taking risks in life.

With Valentine’s Day looming, Lainey tells Barry to chill out. She isn’t one of those girls who need a Say Anything moment. Does he listen? Oh no. Knowing the love of his life loves her some Lionel Richie, he decides to make her a bust like in the “Hello” video. Erica’s reaction to his initial creation, I’m sure was the response we all had. If my boyfriend gave me that, I’d probably pee my pants laughing, but at least Barry is trying his hardest to show her he cares, and I’m glad she appreciated it. It can be a struggle to get dudes to take romance seriously. That’s where Jeff comes in. He never fails to try too hard with Erica and I think we can all agree that he is wearing her down and he’ll get that date sooner than later.


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While Barry was busting a move, Adam was realizing that he needs to grow up and be a man. Well, realizing after his dad nearly pushed him into it. With Porky’s being out – Beverly forbid her youngest son from seeing the R-rated movie. He’s likely the only kid his age who saw Annie instead, and that made Murray really bummed. So he pressures Adam to start breaking the rules. When his mom crashes the Porky’s party though, Adam goes to the extreme when it comes to rebelling and buys a ticket to see his girlfriend for the holiday. It would’ve been awesome if he made it and didn’t cry until they turned the plane around. In the end though his mom did some growing and Murray got a win when she let Adam talk to Dana on Valentine’s Day a little bit longer before busting him for sneaking out and doing so in the tree house.

Not much more to say other than it was amazing to see Allie Grant back on ABC. I really the former Suburgatory star’s character on this show is one that continues to pop up. Can we get her to be a regular like Lainey? Erica could always use more friends.

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