The Goldbergs 3×13 ‘Double Dare’: Handsome Ben


One of the major flaws of Nickelodeon today is that it’s void of game shows. Gone are the days when you could tune in and see Legends of the Hidden Temple and Double Dare. Kids today may have emojis and hashtags, but they fail at having a real childhood with shows like those being MIA. Well thanks to Adam, he told the tale of Double Dare and what it can do to a kid eager to get on the show. While he was losing his best friend, Bev was learning the ins and outs of football for Murray.

With tryouts for Double Dare coming to town, Adam quickly turned to his BFF Emmy to be his partner but when Dave Kim pointed out that his cracking voice would fail to impress the producers – he went another route and chose Pops. Okay, who in their right mind would think someone that age could complete that course? Would I try that course if it was offered to me today? In a heartbeat, but even at almost 30…I’m sure I’d be out of breath by the second stop. Anyways, while I thought it was not only stupid to go with Pops as a partner but stupid – it wasn’t as mean as what Emmy did.


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Meanwhile Murray and Barry were getting settled into football season and like most fans, they had their little good luck rituals and whatnot. They were all good and fun until Barry believed Bev was a lucky charm but after Murray gives his wife the boot because she doesn’t know anything…she learns quick. Of course that wasn’t good enough and she was still kicked out of the living room. All I have to say about that whole thing, well I have two thoughts. Murray’s attempt at scrapbooking was likely the funniest moment of this season, and the idea of space when it comes to a couple. I love being with my boyfriend. He’s one of the only people I can spend every day with and never get tired of, but we do realize that we need our space from time to time and that’s when we do our own thing; rarely but it happens.

Back to Adam and Emmy. Growing up we all had that one person we could not stand in school based solely on the fact that they were perfect on paper; good grades and stereotypically beautiful. For me…it was a number of girls, for Adam it was Handsome Ben. While Adam felt bad for picking Pops at first, his tune changed when he found out that Emmy and Ben had partnered up two months prior to everyone finding out about the Double Dare auditions. I could not stand that Emmy played the victim until the end. Like, girl – you were the one who dissed your BFF first, don’t turn this around. Both were guilty, but she lied on her end. When push came to shove, literally, Adam and Emmy were out and Ben partnered up with Amy. Cutest part of this whole thing, other than Adam saying he’d be Emmy’s “bro of honor” at her wedding, was that Ben and Amy were actually childhood friends of Adam’s that appeared on Double Dare, and they played the producers on this episode!

This kind of makes me miss my childhood bestie Chris, maybe I should shoot him a message and see what’s going on with him, but he’s usually busy with his four kids. Nevertheless, a good episode of our favorite ‘80s throwback once again.

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