The Goldbergs 3×12 ‘Baio and Switch’: The Peter Brady


Before you think I had a pop culture brain fart, I know Scott Baio wasn’t Peter Brady, but both played a huge role in The Goldbergs this week. One caused Beverly to realize that her family, while not picture perfect, was hers. The made Adam think he could be the odds and actually get away with the longtime sitcom staple of having two dates for one night.

Hands Across America is something I only know about thanks to Vh1’s I Love the ‘80s. Why isn’t that on Hulu or Netflix? Anyways, after Beverly figures out the only way she’ll ever get her picture in the paper with her family is by heading their region – she takes over the position from the coach. While most of us would’ve thought he’d be against it, he was all for it. Barry and Erica on the other hand were not having it. That is until their mom lied and said she got the Scott Baio for their region. Unfortunately Baio was busy and not able to guest star. Yes, I know it wouldn’t be believable as he is 30-some years older – but who cares, I wanted it but like Barry and Erica, I was saddened he never showed.


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Holding hands aside, it was time for Adam’s first dance where you have to ask someone to go and with Dana out of the picture in Seattle, he does what any dude with a girl for a BFF would do after seeing her cry because no one asked her – he asked her. It was adorable until Dana showed up and he decided, with the help of pops, that he would have to pull a “Peter Brady” and take them both without them knowing. Of course Murray said he shouldn’t be a moron, and of course – he didn’t listen.

The relationship Adam has with his best friend is so pure and even though he got caught way before the dance, it was cute when he stopped being a moron and just came clean. That last scene when he gets his bud a dance with the guy of her dreams, that was precious. Last week Black-ish explored this same concept, but as adults. The idea of a guy and a girl being besties and yeah, it can get weird for those around them, but it really isn’t. I’d say in some ways it’s better for both because they get an inside look into the opposite sex’s mind without having to date them.

That part at the dance made me tear up, but I didn’t expect to weep in the end over Beverly’s story. Then when Barry and Erica handed her the framed photo of their family terrorizing Hands Across America and Erica noted that if that picture didn’t capture them, what did – I lost it. It goes to show that you can’t strive for perfection with who you are or where you came from because perfection isn’t something you can ever truly attain. It’s a lost cause to even try. All you can do it be the best you that you can be and be done with it.

So that’s it, after weeks of wanting to see Scott Baio and getting nothing, I was a bit upset but then was turned around by the inevitable heart the Goldbergs pulled out this week.

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