The Goldbergs 3×11 ‘The Tasty Boys’: Who’s ill?


Being that I was born in the ‘80s and only spent a few years there, much of that time urinating on myself, I actually love learning a little history while learning life lessons from The Goldbergs. This week we dived into when hip hop entered suburban neighborhoods, saw where Tim Taylor got his enemy and I got confused. What was Coca Cola before, and did they ever change it back? What did I drink as a kid?!


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Coke aside, dreaming was the underlying message from Barry and Adam as they paid homage to the Beastie Boys with their Tasty Boys. Thinking they could get famous by only dressing the part, shooting an album cover and creating hype around them – well, they kind of made it pretty far. If by far you mean making their peers at school think they were awesome. With that, Erica was ticked. She’s the real musician of the Goldberg household but like Barry pointed out, she had all this talent and music in her back pocket – but she just kept it locked in her room. Her fear of judgement was keeping her from realizing her dream. Unlike him, he wasn’t scared of what people thought. As Adam said, “Dare to dream.” That’s the only way you can ever be sure things are going to happen. You can’t get mad you’re not where you want to be in life if you never made the move to do anything to get anywhere else.

While Erica and the Tasty Boys were teaching us to chase our dreams, no matter what, their parents were discussing change and the fear of it. After seeing their neighbors new, DIY kitchen – Beverly of course wants one but Murray is against that, as well as new Coke, turtlenecks and jeans. Who doesn’t like jeans? After learning that Bob Villa came from this era, and that Coke went through a makeover, Beverly tricked Murray into redoing the kitchen – only he just made it look exactly the same. My boyfriend is a lot like Murray and sometimes it can drive me nuts, but when Murray said, “I never thought i’d be happy but you built this life for us and i love it just the way it is,” my heart melted. Maybe some change isn’t necessary when you believe your life is already perfect BUT you do need to learn to compromise with the one you love. Which Murray did and the Lazy Susan was put in place and they were all smiles by the end.

In the end Erica learned she had to put herself out there, the boys learned they couldn’t just play the part – they needed some sort of talent, and Murray learned that small changes aren’t so bad. Next week – the one I’ve been anxious to see. It’s Scott Baio!

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