The Goldbergs 3×10 ‘A Christmas Story’: Super Hanukkah!


ABC let me down with their holiday episode of Fresh Off the Boat this week, but definitely made up for it with The Goldbergs. Only this family wasn’t all about Santa and Christmas trees…yet. When Beverly gets jealous of their neighbors ability to get together around the holidays, she enhances Hanukkah. Meanwhile the Goldberg brothers learn a thing or two about growing up and apart, but in reality – closer.

We’ve met the Kremps before. They’re the picture perfect neighbors who live across the street. The boys are as blonde as can be and they’re a little too polite for comfort. After our favorite smother sees their grand Christmas, and more importantly how well their family gets along during Christmas, she decides to give Hanukkah a little makeover complete with a Hanukkah bush, Hanukkah socks and Hanukanog. While it was too funny to basically see her just take traditional Christmas things and make them blue and white, we learned a big lesson after Pops freaked out.


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On the flip side Adam was doing some freaking out of his own after Lainey came in and took Barry away from him the one time of year that his older brother is all his and actually nice to him. Their Ball Ball game as well as watching A Christmas Story were swept out from under him and even though the girlfriend saw that she needed to back up, Barry didn’t. It wasn’t until they pulled a page from their favorite holiday movie did the brothers really open up about how much they care about one another. That’s the thing with siblings, we grow up together and are one another’s first friends really. So when others start to come in and change things up – we do feel threatened. I remember being a little put off when my older brother’s girlfriend started to hang around all the time. Then I got over it because it only meant another person to spoil me as a kid. It is hard to initially adjust to your sibling’s significant other though. Then, like with Adam and Lainey, they just become part of the family and you welcome them as your own.

Pops bag-of-shame was so horrible to watch. You felt for him and could see that Beverly just tossing away their traditions hurt him on a whole new level. It goes to show that while you may grow up and start your own family, it’s nice to keep some traditions in place. It’s okay to start doing your own thing with your kids, but never forget the pivotal things that you can pass along to them that came from your own past.

This is it until the start of January, and when we return we’re coming back with some Scott Baio love. Cannot wait to see what they do with that!

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