The Goldbergs 3×1 ‘A Kick-Ass Risky Business Party’: Feather Locklear


Life is starting to get back to normal for all us TV fanatics who live by our primetime schedule and tonight ABC welcomed back their stellar comedy block and while I saw a second of The Middle and it looked like it’s going to kill my emotions when I watch it later, I will say that The Goldbergs came back in a big way with their homage to Risky Business. While they didn’t go all out with it like Goonies of Ferris, it was still cute – but all in all this season premiere was more about how far Murray and Beverly are willing to go to save their kids.

With Lainey’s dad out of town she, Barry and Erica plan to go all Tom Cruise and throw a party. Before that they crash her dad’s Porsche and Lainey has to live with her BFF and boyfriend for a week. At first she plans to play Beverly to get what she wants, but then she ends up loving the smothering. That’s until Beverly goes too far – getting her a tutor and insisting she go to college instead of pursuing her dream of being a dancer in Vegas or New York, “whichever one’s closer.”


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Meanwhile we pick up with Adam trying to grasp onto his long distance relationship once Murray cuts his phone calls from the equation. Remember, cell phones weren’t always around to gift us with convenience. Adam and Dana couldn’t rely on Skype or even AOL Messenger yet. My problem with this was, why didn’t he just mail the letter? I personally think there’s so much romance in a handwritten note, often saving the ones my boyfriend leaves for me from time to time. Instead of grabbing a stamp and envelope to send the letter, he went to the fax machine in the teacher’s lounge. While I don’t get that, it did leave us to meeting Tim Meadow’s parrot, Feather Locklear. If you missed all the heart of this episode, I can only hope you walked away with an appreciation for one of the best pet names to have ever existed.


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Lainey knew early on that Beverly’s love was taken for granted but it wasn’t until she had to bust out some Joel Goodsen moves did her own kids realize how far their mom was willing to go to save them. While Beverly was taking those old records off the shelf, Murray was caving in to the long distance thanks to Pops reminding him and once upon a time, he too was on the phone nightly with his now wife when he was away for six months.

Cheating a bit, I went to Vh1’s I Love the ’80s to see what else this perfect little show could do this season and here’s what I want…Beverly to be obsessed with who shot J.R., some sort of Bosom Buddies plot, the horror of Teddy Ruxpin and Alf, a little Dirty Dancing, OH MY GOD please The Wonder Years and if they can pull off Heathers – yes. Have they done National Lampoon’s Vacation? Okay, these are my picks for now. let’s see how many, if any, make it into season three of The Goldbergs on ABC.

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