The Goldbergs 3×09 ‘Wingmom’: Ghostly grandpa


When Pops decides he’s going to get a condo in Florida on The Goldbergs, Adam flips but not as much as Beverly does when she finds out her oldest son wants to join ROTC.

Never having had that strong relationship with a grandparent – Adam and Pops is new to me. Hell, I’d never even been to my grandma’s house growing up, but I get it. Pops is his buddy and the idea of him leaving him for any amount of time wasn’t just sad, it was terrifying. What I did like was that this gave Adam’s other grandpa a chance to spend time with him. We rarely see that guy, that makes me think his grandson sees him just as much. No one likes to admit it – but we all have favorite relatives and ones we’d rather be with over others. For Adam, Pops is definitely number one but we got to see how he came to appreciate his number two just as much.


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Elsewhere Barry was all about Top Gun and with that joined ROTC. This of course upset Beverly but ignited something in Murray. He was a part of that growing up and you can see how much respect he had for it. Thankfully his wife saw that too and after hilariously joining Barry on the bootcamp course to offer up encouragement. While a funny homage to one of Tom Cruise’s finest, the whole episode felt like filler. I didn’t really feel like it hit me as much as previous episodes have in the past. Top Gun and some love for Pac-Man just wasn’t enough – and I LOVE Pac-Man.

With that, I think we have one more before we exit for Christmas and then I cannot wait to see what they do with an episode titled “Scott Baio’s Hand.” All I can think of is Can’t Hardly Wait and the angel stripper’s story. I’m sure that won’t get any play as it was a ‘90s movie, but nevertheless Chachi is coming!

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