The Goldbergs 3×08 ‘In Conclusion, Thanksgiving’: “Family’s important and stuff…”


One may’ve thought this Thanksgiving episode of The Goldbergs was their Halloween one thanks to the tricks heading Murray’s way. Even though he was fooled, there were some treats like Beverly’s cooking and Barry’s insane, yet touching toast.

Modern Family did a similar episode where they used “Cats in the Cradle” to make Phil feel bad about missing Luke in a play. Only this time it was the son using it to get his way. After figured out that Harry Chapin’s hit (possibly his only one…really, what other songs did that guy have and who is Harry Chapin?), could be used to not only get expensive camera equipment, but rides to get Dungeons and Dragons accessories and basically whatever he wanted – he wasn’t quick to share his new power. That is until Beverly caught on and decided to use the song to her advantage.


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It’s no shocker that she’s an amazing cook today – but years ago when she cooked her first Thanksgiving by herself, she failed hard. Murray’s dad has never let her forget it and after the song, a reluctant Murray invited his pops over. He was feeling emotional, his wife was feeling vindictive…because that’s what the holidays are all about. I feel like this is how my own mom feels. We always make fun of her for her cooking. Her husband is the main man in the kitchen and superb when it comes to making a TV perfect turkey; she is not. I bet she’d be just like Beverly had she ever mastered the November poultry.

All the while Pops was passing down the traditional toast to Erica, but Barry thought he had a chance. Who would’ve guessed that he’d come up with a fiasco that actually wound up winning the family over? Slam dunks, sparklers and the great ol’ flag…Yup, it was as amazing as that sounds.

This wasn’t the best I’ve seen of The Goldbergs, but it wasn’t the worst. I laughed, but failed to cry – and that’s what I missed. Let’s hope they step it up next time.

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