The Goldbergs 3×07 ‘Lucky’: “Holy crap, puppies!”


Let’s pour one out for the sitcom dogs of yesteryear like Comet and Buck and say hello to the latest pup to into primetime; Lucky. Yes, The Goldbergs have added a new member to their family and although it was a rocky start, it ended well. While Murray was experiencing puppy love, Erica was in another war with her smother.

All his life, like most kids, Barry has wanted a dog. That’s not crazy and no one was surprised when we found out that his allergy to them was just a lie Murray cooked up to get him to quit asking when he was younger. My mom did the same thing, only with Disneyland. She said it was a three hour drive. Without the internet growing up, I finally learned we were no more than an hour from the happiest place on earth – thanks mom. Anyways, after the lie was uncovered – the Goldbergs welcomed Lucky in the picture. Only, why didn’t we go with one of Barry’s other names? The play on ‘80s action stars almost, almost beat out Feather Locklear. Never forget that genius bird moniker.


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Meanwhile, we learned that Erica and her friends had a longstanding tradition centered around a slumber party and watching Troop Beverly Hills. This has to be the signature movie for girls of the ‘80s because for me – nothing. I’m more about ‘90s hits like The Baby-Sitters Club. Not to wage a war, but speaking of- that’s exactly what happened after Beverly spied on the slumber party she was banned from. Why didn’t Erica ever get Adam back for setting the whole spy system up in the first place? I would’ve been way more mad that a bunch of middle schoolers were perving out on my pajama party than my mom wanting to be included.

Back to Lucky, she found herself in love with Murray and he with her, even though he wouldn’t readily admit it. The same thing happened in my family when I was in high school and my younger brother got a little dog for his birthday. Over time she no longer cared for him too much, but rather our mom. To be fair, like Lucky, she loves anyone willing to give her food. Anyways, like with my brother – this ticked off Barry at first, but then he realized that Murray needed a friend more than he did. It was a cute moment and in the end, Lucky came to love everyone in the family and let’s just note that their whole “Lucky Tin Tin” video that was based on reality – that was adorable. I love and appreciate the plots so much more when they come from Adam’s real life situations.

In the end Barry, Murray and Lucky were buds, and after almost a week without Beverly butting into her life – Erica learned that she really did need her mom. This is especially true when Erica and Lainey…and Pops…found themselves in jail and needed someone to bail them out.

We fight with our families every other day when we’re growing up. That’s just how life is, but when it all boils down, every fight blows over and becomes another memory to store.

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