The Goldbergs 3×06 ‘Couples Costume’: Razorblades and kidnapping


Dressing up, free candy, haunted houses. Those are all the best parts of Halloween and The Goldbergs covered all the bases this year for their annual holiday episode. Dana was back in town and it put a major damper in Beverly’s plans, but in the end family prevailed – as always and we learned that Adam did not inherit his costume making skills from Murray.

I’ve spent the past few months figuring out what me and my boyfriend were going to do this year for Halloween. Zack and Lisa from Saved by the Bell were number one on the list until he didn’t want to shave. Now we’re going as Phil and Carol from The Last Man on Earth. I even bedazzled a tee that has a heart that says “Tandy” on it. It’s fun to have a partner in crime this time of year to coordinate with and Adam was excited to have Dana back to be the Ripley to his alien. Only he didn’t remember the Alien/Predator crossover and Beverly wanted the costume to go from couple to trio. Only her son out his foot down and rightfully so. There’s got to be an age where dressing up with your mom is ruled a little insane, and I think Adam passed that age a couple of years ago.


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Although their bond can be a bit much at times, it was cute to see all their past costumes. I think we can all agree that “Mork and Indy” was the best of that bunch. While Adam was standing up for his costume partner, his brother and sister were convincing him that he wasn’t just too old to dress up with his mom, but he was also over the hill in terms of trick-or-treating. I say there should be no limit on that, but whatever. So they talk him into taking Dana to a haunted house. Of course she has a My Girl moment (even though that’s a ‘90s movie) and loses her ring after Adam uses her as a human shield.

Back at the house Beverly was freaking out and tried to make a point about safety by hiding a razorblade in a candy. Only it winds up in the candy they pass out and she ends up stealing everyone’s candy and kidnapping a few of the neighborhood kids. She turned into all the dangers she thought she had to protect her baby boy from. She learned her lesson – kind of. She did creep behind Adam when he and Dana finally decided to be kids and go door to door for free treats.

That’s the thing, when are we too old to stop trick-or-treating? I really don’t think there should be an age limit but I do love that they’re never against dressing up. You’re never too old for a costume and like Adam – I think the ones that have a touch of homemade are a lot better. Check out my Instagram later this week to see how our couples costume ended up, and I will see you back here in two weeks because for some reason there’s yet another awards show dedicated to Country on next week.

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