The Goldbergs 3×05 ‘Boy Barry’: Mustache war


My mind completely skipped over Boy George when thinking of all the gems from the ‘80s this show could take on. Which is weird because I grew up with a friend who made us have ‘80s themed birthday parties. Anyways, ever since the picture of Barry as Boy came out, I’d been laughing to myself. So I was more than excited for this week’s episode of The Goldbergs to finally begin. Then, like most episodes – I was crying by the time the home video rolled at the end.


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Relationships, whether they’re romantic or just based on friendships, are hard to make work. No matter how great they may seem on the surface, we’re always scared of losing that person we love. This is what we explored this week in both instances. Murray and Bill’s friendship went to a whole new level after they grew matching mustaches and Beverly declared her husband’s BFF a “bad influence.” Meanwhile Lainey was being annoyed by Barry’s neediness. So to teach him a lesson Erica tricks him into dressing like Boy George. This results in not only the funniest look Barry’s had, but him and Lainey breaking up. He was so embarrassed and it seemed like nothing, not even Lainey’s LL Cool J rap, could bring them back together.

Here’s the thing, Beverly was obviously threatened by Bill’s influence on Murray and that can be intimidating. I know I’ve felt that way countless times with my boyfriend, but we talked about it and like Beverly – I realized couldn’t be suffocating. On the flip side, Barry felt defeated and started to believe that maybe his sister was right all along; he wasn’t good enough for Lainey. Then after Erica realized the error of her ways, and that “some people just belong together, no matter how weird it seems…” So she fixed her best friend and brother’s problem and in doing so inspired her mom to do the same.

I loved this episode, but it was weird that this one was void of Adam until the very end when he tricked Barry into believing he’d gotten a letter from Chuck Norris. Are they letting that cracking voice rest?

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