The Goldbergs 3×04 ‘I Caddyshacked the Pool’: Posers and Barity


The other day my boyfriend was floored that I’d never seen Caddyshack and you can read here why I likely never will. Bill Murray’s never been a favorite of mine, so that whole homage in this week’s episode of The Goldbergs was lost on me – what wasn’t was Adam being self-conscious about his body. Like Murray those days of middle school body shame are still fresh in my mind. On the flip side Erica was trying her best to change the world, and Barry was working harder to prove her wrong.

Thankfully my school didn’t have a pool so I never had to endure swim class. This is a plus because I never had to showcase my butterball body to my middle school crush, and a negative because at 28, I can’t swim. I would’ve been right alongside Adam trying to think of any way to get out of taking off my shirt in front of my classmates. I’m not sure I would’ve went as far as to toss a Baby Ruth in the mix to get the pool closed. Unfortunately for him, the candy bar scheme failed. Dave Kim was blamed and after a great talk with his dad, Adam came clean about the whole thing. The end result being that the class could now wear their tees in the water.

Elsewhere Erica was tired of the superficial things in life and wanted to switch her focus to social awareness thanks to seeing “We Are the World.” Barry is totally against it and called her a word I really thought had erupted in the early 2000’s; poser. I guess back in the ‘80s this was the worst thing one could be call, and I think that still may be true. Who wants to be known as a fake? The usual back and forth between the oldest Goldberg kids ended like it usually does, with one feeling bad and doing the noble thing for their sibling.


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What was great about this whole episode was the overall lesson that none of us are perfect and fit in. Be in because of your changing body, or changing outlook on life. Thanks to puberty our bodies are going to be a mess – whether we like it or not and with time, we’ll be okay with what we have. The same can be said of who we are on the inside. Not all of us are born with an exact game plan of who and what we want to care about. I mean, I have a friend who had a pretty wild side growing up, but now she’s on her way to being a lawyer. That doesn’t mean she’s a poser – it means she grew up and allowed herself to change her focus in life.

One last note about this episode, while Beverly and Murray were there and the fatherly chat went a long way – this week was almost all about the kids and the struggles they were personally facing. I appreciate the focus, because no matter how involved your parents are, growing up is such a personal journey.

Next seems very Barry-centric just based on the title and then we’re heading into the Halloween and Thanksgiving episodes! Adam’s gal pal is definitely making a comeback in at least one of those, can’t wait!

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