The Goldbergs 3×03 ‘Jimmy 5 is Alive’: Forever young


I was ready to write this episode of The Goldbergs off as filler and forgettable and then Rod Stewart started to play, tears started to cry and I held my toy robot close. While Murray and Erica were urging Adam to grow up, Beverly was learning that memories on tape aren’t always lost forever.

When Adam wants to build a robot, Murray argues the whole time and says that Adam really needs to go some maturing. Erica seconds that and we learn that she sniffed and played with Strawberry Shortcake dolls well into the 9th grade. That factoid scares Adam and he decides that maybe it’s time to give up the robots. Did anyone else’s heart break when he told his little Star Wars figurines that they weren’t the droids he was looking for?

Meanwhile, Beverly’s heart was floored after Barry leads her to believe she taped over his 5th birthday party video. When he confesses, she kills his dream of being in the NBA. Usually Beverly never steps off her smother pedestal to show any sort of disconcern for her kids, but that one moment of weakness where she wasn’t on Barry’s side – you could tell it killed her. It also led her to learn that memories aren’t lost just because they’re taped over and that you have to really just live in the present and cherish those moments instead.


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Again, I was ready to forget this episode and move on, but then when Adam was tossing his toys and “Forever Young” started to play, I could not handle it. Tears started to come over me. You can definitely mature while still being young at heart, and Pops was right – Adam has the rest of his life to be an old guy watching the Weather Channel, why rush him into it? Don’t rush your kids into giving up what makes them happy, but do make sure they mentally mature so that one day you don’t have a 30-year-old living in your basement. You have to find the balance.

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