The Goldbergs 2×24 ‘Goldbergs Feel Hard’: The L-word


The three words that we only say when we really, really mean it were the focus of The Goldbergs’ second season finale. Barry was mad he did, Adam was scared of it, and Murray didn’t see the point until the phrase escaped his lips and were met with a lackluster response. While the men of the family were dealing with their emotions, I was crying my eyes out. Hey Modern Family, you’re no longer the best show on Wednesday night…just saying…

The only people that I’ve ever said “I love you” to have been close friends and family, and a Backstreet Boys poster back in the day (and today). That was until earlier this year when my boyfriend said it first, I cried happy tears and said it back. I was unlike Laney. After Barry slipped and said it, she was a deer in headlights. I can totally see why though. They’re in high school – do you really want to go tossing that phrase around at that age? Well it turns out that age had nothing to do with her reaction, but rather her mom ditching out on her and her dad. While that was a cute revelation for the couple, they weren’t the most interesting in this episode.


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That was a tie between Murray and Adam. Kids first though. I did not see that ending coming with Dana. I really thought we’d get a lighthearted ending where she actually gets the note and then hands him one back and we don’t know what it says until we come back from the summer break. Instead we got our hearts torn out because she might be moving to Seattle. I had a few tears due to that, but none like with Murray and Erica.

We know by now that Murray isn’t the most emotional man on earth. He ended a friendship when things got too real…So I could see him not ever telling his kids he loves them. When he finally did and Erica didn’t say it back – that hurt. Why didn’t she just throw him a bone? I get it though. Me and my dad are the same way. I think we’ve said that to one another maybe three times (and that’s rounding up) in my entire life – I’m two years away from the big 3-0. There are some people you don’t have to say it to, you just know.


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This season we got a whole lot of ’80s pop culture like mixtapes, John Hughes and Cabbage Patch Kids – but what really made this season stand out were the stories that revolved around all the nostalgia. The sibling bonds, the smothering moments that went overboard and any time Murray showed some heart – that’s what this show does best. Those, and well the New Kids On The Block episode. That and John Hughes are going to be hard to beat, but I’m sure they will find a way. See you this fall for season three!

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