The Goldbergs 2×23 ‘Bill/Murray’: I want my MTV


How was The Goldbergs going to take on one of the most beloved actors of the ‘80s without being too obvious? Well, if you remember Laney’s dad’s name and put that with Murray, you have a storyline that not only touches on Bill Murray, but also a cute look at how dad’s make friends. Bromance’s aside, Beverly was doing all she could to make sure Erica gets into Juilliard.

Today MTV is a wasteland for pregnant youths, awkward sitcoms and tricking people in chat rooms. Back in the ‘80s is was just getting started and introduced a new way that we all embraced music. Erica needing a video for Juilliard, intertwined with Adam’s music video obsession and Beverly’s need for her baby to be the best of the best resulted in the three of them, and Dave Kim, going a little overboard with her submission. It ended up being a mess – like expected, but can we all admit that the animation was hilarious? Well, in a bad way.


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Let’s step away from this for a second and focus on Murray. We love him because he’s a grump with a heart of gold when it comes to his family. However, it was pointed out this week that he has no real friends. Then a chance encounter in the principal’s office led to him and Laney’s dad, Bill, starting anew and being BFFs. Before it came to a sudden halt because of man-motions, it was as hilarious as the music video animation when Murray answered the phone and was nervous. This was a new side of him that we haven’t seen. It was refreshing and cute.

Personally, I relate too well to Murray. He’s like Mike on The Middle; men who don’t showcase emotion unless absolutely necessary. We’re the type of people who don’t always ask how someone’s doing. I figure if you want to talk about something, talk. Don’t wait for me to inquire. I often wonder if I’m a middle-aged dad on the inside. Anyways, what I love about both is that even though they don’t always show it, they care. Also, I loved that Bill and Murray are actually the names of the real life Adam Goldberg’s dad and his BFF, which – was his dad’s only friend.

Lastly, this made me think – are they going to send Erica off to college when the time comes? Shows usually deal with this by making them head to community college BUT because this show doesn’t really follow a set time like That ‘70s Show, they could live in Erica’s current state for some time. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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