The Goldbergs 2×21 ‘As You Wish’: 237 times…


It’s always something with The Goldbergs. This week they took on The Princess Bride and the reality of Adam’s gossiping or rather “yenta-ing.” Along the way he and his dad bonded over a classic and Erica realized she’s more like her mother than she’d like to admit.

Back in sixth grade we watched The Princess Bride to go along with our lesson about fables. I’d never seen it and was curious as to why a movie with the word “princess” was more exciting for every boy in the class, than any of the girls. It wasn’t a Disney film, that’s why. It lacked the fairytale aspect and rather had humor, adventure and as Adam relayed – a whole lot of one liners you can’t help but repeat a lifetime afterwards.


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While it was a nice homage to one of the ‘80s most beloved movies, I found the story of father/son bonding even more interesting. It’s hard for Adam and Murray to find a common ground but in the end we learned two things – when in a fencing match and in doubt, quote a movie and you’ll overcome AND all boys, big and small, love Inigo Montoya and Co.

One the flip side, we say inside the world of being a yenta or rather, a gossiper. Beverly of course played the lead on that one. Another factor of being a yenta is the need to want to play matchmaker. I myself think that aspect would classify me as such. All I want to do is set people up. Someone hire me as a real life cupid! Anyways, she meddles into teachers’ lives and it results in hell for Barry and Erica. In the end Erica learned she had a little yenta in her…much to her dismay, but I think she’ll get over it.

This week wasn’t as memorable as the lines from The Princess Bride, but it had a lot of heart – as usual.

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