The Goldbergs 2×20 ‘Just Say No’: Gladiated…


So nice had to show it twice. The Goldbergs’ second episode this week shifted the bonding from father/son to brotherly love and abuse. While Barry and Adam were expressing their love through violence, Erica was trying her best to change the world of politics.

How many ‘80s things could they fit into one episode? Well this week it was three. Barry was obsessed with American Gladiators, the Reagan election and of course Bob Saget’s second best job – America’s Funniest Home Videos. Okay so Barry’s JTP crew gets kicked out of their hang out spot by the Meadowbrook Mafia. Can we all agree that the depressed kid was hilarious? What I really loved about that whole storyline was the way it brought Barry and Adam closer. Yes, Adam used that video for evil instead of good but I totally teared up about the whole “best present” thing.


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Those of us with siblings can totally relate. We can’t really figure out why we fight, but at the end of the day – you also can’t help but love the hell out of them. I can’t tell you how many time my brothers and I tortured one another and called each other names, but when it all boils down – we’re never slow to say how much we care.

Elsewhere Erica was getting serious about politics and just wanted her mom to choose for herself and be educated on the issues. I can’t stand political talk, but I do appreciate where this led Erica as a character and showcased and even noted how she cared about something real instead of just boys and partying. Oh, we also got a quick homage to the “Just Say No” campaign.


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Lastly, I really wish that they incorporated more of America’s Funniest Home Videos. I mean, it’s the grandfather of YouTube and viral videos. It seemed like it was more about Gladiators, which was a cool show – but I’m being bias because I watched Saget way more.

Tonight we had not one, but two Goldbergs, and if I were to grade them – this one would’ve done better than Adam on a Spanish test, but it wasn’t as great as that one. Both had heart, but this one just didn’t have as much as the last.

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