The Goldbergs 2×19 ‘La Biblioteca Es Libros’: “Lovely and pissed…”


Double standards we’re all familiar with and facing the fact that your perfect child isn’t so perfect. That was this week’s episode of The Goldbergs as we saw Erica face the facts when it comes to male bonding and saw what happens when Beverly has to realize Adam is muy mal at Spanish.

Everyone wants their parents respect…even if they don’t know they do. Well, Barry was very vocal about wanting Murray to respect him. Even if that meant allowing him to choose what they watched on their three channels. So he goes out and gets a job, gets fired in two days and pretends to still be employed as to not lose that new found parental respect. Because all of that causes father and son to bond, it drives Erica crazy. It was easy to see why she was pissed.


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First off, growing up – I was just like Erica. Good grades came easy to me and not my brothers, but for some reason my mom always celebrated her boys. It was because, like Murray, she saw herself in them because she too wasn’t a fan of educational authority. So I felt so much for the sister of the Goldbergs tonight. While she was getting to me, I did see myself in Barry as well when he was on the interview trail. I may’ve been a superstar as a kid and when it came to school, but as an adult I’m a loser. I call myself the job interview terrorist because like Barry – I blow 99% of them.

The older siblings were dealing with jobs while Adam was facing the truth – he’d likely die if dropped in a Spanish speaking country. Because of his failing grades, Beverly blames the teacher and not her child. Again, totally relatable because this happened in 8th grade. I was in algebra and the almost our whole honors class was failing. Our moms didn’t rush in there and pay Mrs. Wells to give up extra special tutoring, but we did have a huge meeting and she was removed from that course. Anyways, Pops was right – you can’t just toss answers at your kids or they’ll never learn. You have to be okay with watching your kids struggle because if you solve all of their problems, they’ll fail to survive in the real world when the time comes.

Last notes…I noticed that Barry’s car has tags that noted the year being 1986. They’re having a second episode tonight that features America’s Funniest Home Videos. That didn’t come out until 1989…Just a little thing I noticed that I had to bring up somewhere. Also, I would’ve at least given Adam a D for that presentation. SALSA! Hilarious.

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