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The Goldbergs 2×18 ‘I Drank the Mold!’: Useless cassettes…


Growing up and having a thing, that’s the basics of what went down this week on The Goldbergs. Adam’s birthday resulted in a beer ban, while his siblings had the task of convincing their dad they deserved a CD player. Yes, they tackled the idea that compact discs were the best thing to ever happen to music…up until that point of course.

The last time Adam had a birthday, he got a first kiss. This season he had a sip of beer. Well, he didn’t have one with the rest of the gang and it was mold, but nevertheless he had one. It was that little incident at his sleepover that led to Beverly and the other parents decide it’d be best if they stop hanging out. We’ve all been there – had that one friend, or been that one friend that was the “bad apple” of the bunch. On one hand you have to let your kids learn from their mistakes, on the other hand…you don’t want your kid to be a lost cause. Parenting – it’s the most underrated job on Earth.


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While Adam’s social circle was being disbanded, Erica and Berry were discovering the wonder that was CDs. Who remembers their first? If so, put it in the comments and let’s see who had the weirdest first disc. Mine? It was the first NOW and Mariah Carey’s #1s. What a great Christmas! Anyways, Murray was against it, but finally gave in. What was sweet about that whole story was that we learned a little more about the patriarch and again, that parenting is the most underrated job on earth. It’s all about sacrifice. Greedy people cannot do the task and it’s a shame when they do.

The kids were all great this week, but I think Murray and Beverly deserve a standing ovation. One realized the importance of their kids’ thing, and the other came to terms with their baby growing up. We’re watching these kids grow up, but we’re also watching the parents each week too. Parents don’t come with all the knowledge, it’s learned over time and this show really captures that idea.

Last notes…Can we all agree that CD players should never have cost $900? Also, the video of Adam’s one cool friend at the end made me get all emotional for some reason. It’s so amazing that this dude kept all those tapes safe all these years later.

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