The Goldbergs 2×17 ‘The Adam Bomb’: Pusher and smoosher…


Erica was reaching for the stars in the mall while Barry and Adam were at war on this week’s episode of The Goldbergs. Since it’s been like 30 years since Tiffany had a hit, it was good that they didn’t try and get her to play herself – that would’ve just been awkward, but the homage to mall tours and the Berlin Wall coming down were on point and in the middle of both were great lessons about the importance of not only family, but following your dreams.


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Tiffany was coming to Erica’s mall and instead of being excited to see her live, she was more interested in giving her a demo. What I loved was the mini war that launched between Beverly and Murray. Neither wanted to push or smoosh their kid’s dream, so we had two hilarious turns – they tried to make the music teacher the enemy, and Beverly took a page out of the Kardashian’s book. Well, they had yet to be a non-working reality phenomenon just yet, but she went the super-supportive momager route. Luckily she never got as insane as Kris Jenner. That is until the end when she wanted that whole “Tasty Gold” tour with Erica and Barry.

While Beverly was trying to make Ricky Gold happen, Barry and Adam were hurting my heart with their April Fool’s war gone awry. I’m the type of person who really holds onto the most obscure physical objects that mean a lot to me and when Barry took apart his brother’s camera, I lost it. I would’ve killed my brother had I’d been in that situation. Also, what parent would not be mad as hell that their kids were destroying expensive items like that? While they upset me, I’m sure like most of you – I absolutely died when Barry busted out that picture of Adam in that horrendously embarrassing outfit.


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Thankfully those two worked things out after Barry was moved by the Berlin Wall going down, or what he believed was the Great Wall of China that separated east and west Russia…That was cute, but not as moving as the moment between Erica and Murray. He went from smooshing her dream to pushing it to smooshing it again. In the end he realized he had to push her towards what she wanted and not stand in her way. To me, that’s what parenting is about. I’m not going to encourage my kid to do something they’re not great at, but if they truly are skilled – then I’m all in and it’s clear that Erica has the singing chops. Side note, the actress that plays her is actually recording an album. Can’t wait to hear it!

In the end it doesn’t matter what you do in your family, as long as as you realize that you can live in peace with one another despite your differences.

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