The Goldbergs 2×16 ‘The Lost Boy’: “It’s not real, don’t feel…


When I heard “Lost Boys,” I thought we were going to get another homage episode. I’m glad we didn’t. Not only because I don’t think The Goldbergs is going to top the New Kids and Ferris ones this season. Plus, I want this show to last for as long as it can and I read today that they have another John Hughes one in the works. No word on what it will be yet. My guess is The Breakfast Club, but I want Pretty in Pink.

The only time The Lost Boys were mentioned was when Barry and Erica were guilted into taking Beverly to the movies with them. Let’s be real – if they wanted Corey Feldman, it would’ve only cost them maybe five bucks. Anyways, this week was all about parents being a pain, but not being that bad. That’s usually the theme every other week. Somehow it never gets old though and they’re able to do it time and time again and still bring me to tears by the end.

So Erica and Barry are tired of Beverly’s guilt trips. Mothers are the worst when it comes to this. I’m almost 30 and am going through this right now. Me and my mom are currently having a silent treatment battle. I tried to cave yesterday, but she didn’t answer the phone and like the older Goldberg kids – I am feeling HORRIBLE because my mommy isn’t talking to me. I hope that she calls or at least answers by the end of the week.

That’s the thing with parents, and Beverly proved it wonderfully, they will always will the guilt games. Why? I think it’s because as kids, well for me, I don’t want my parent to die and us be mad at one another. That rings even more true because I was watching a rerun of Will & Grace earlier today and Will’s dad passed away after an argument they had.


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Speaking of dads, Murray is forced to take the baby to the Phillies game. By baby I and Beverly mean Adam. Their whole thing is about Adam proving to his dad and himself that he can be a man and survive and thrive on his own – especially after he gets lost in the stadium. The fear of getting lost as a kid is terrifying. I remember many a times losing my mom in Kmart and freaking out. I wasn’t about that whole story until the end when they see one another after all the other cars had left the lot, and that look of relief on one anothers face. It was such a simple, yet emotional moment. I cried. I’m not embarrassed to admit that. I think I’ve cried more at this show than I have any other this season – minus Parenthood because that show is a tear fest.

The Fresh Prince one said that “parents just don’t understand” and he had a great point. Sometimes they don’t, but sometimes kids are just as hard headed and parents are just trying to do their best to deal with them.

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