The Goldbergs 2×14 ‘Barry Goldberg’s Day Off’: Proving why it’s one of the best on TV…


If there’s one thing The Goldbergs has proven is that, hello – it’s in the title of this, is that it’s one of the best shows on TV. The other thing that’s it’s proven is that it can do an ode to past pop culture gems like no other. They amazed with The Goonies, did well with Back to the Future but blew those two out of the water with their homage to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

I failed to even take notes this week because I was so enthralled by what was going on. Ferris isn’t one of my favorites and I think I’ve only seen it a few times in comparison to others who absolutely adore it, but I’ve seen it enough to know the references and whatnot. More importantly though, I loved the messages the Goldberg’s taught us by incorporating one of the best teen movies ever created.

There’s no kid alive who sees Ferris and doesn’t want that finesse that he has. Barry and Adam both wanted to be him and often fought about who was the Cam – because no one wants to be the shy guy friend. I would, but that’s just me. Okay where can I go from here. Let’s just go to Barry first.


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He learned, thanks to his sister, that it’s okay to be the Cam because Ferris may very well just have been a figment of Cam’s imagination, and that being the Cam doesn’t mean that you can’t have a little wild child in you. That last scene with the homecoming parade was golden and made me cry for too many reasons; Barry getting his moment, Erica finally letting her guard down and Adam’s realization.

We got to see where Adam got some inspiration to pick up a camera and have the drive to be behind it instead of in front of it – John Hughes. Anyone who sits and denies that man’s power and influence on the world would be sitting like an idiot. Hughes’ work is undeniably some of the best and I think we can agree he would’ve loved watching this week’s Goldbergs. I cried though because like Adam, I have no yearning need to be in front of a camera, but behind it and the written word.

The Goonies episode was pure fun and nostalgic, but this Ferris was was pure gold. I can’t wait to see what iconic piece of the ‘80s they take on next. Oh yeah, one more thing – Charlie Sheen was fantastic. Too bad he couldn’t spare some time for that Two and a Half Men finale though…

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