The Goldbergs 2×13 ‘Van People’: Nice guys finish first…


Adam questions his humor and Erica goes to war with Murray this week on The Goldbergs. Also, Barry eats trash and that’s apparently the secret to success.

Winning a class superlative is one of the highest honors for a kid. Hey, I still revel in the fact that me and my BFF won the female “Best Friends” out Senior year. So I get why Adam was obsessed with getting the Class Clown title. Instead he got “Nicest Guy.” Side note – was everyone in the class getting something? That really takes away from the whole idea. Anyways, Adam’s attempt at being funny fell flat and even I felt bad for that poor teacher and the cake. I for one would be pissed if I thought I was getting cake and didn’t get squat. I’m glad he felt bad enough to get his teacher an apology cake.


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While Adam was having a breakdown and breakthrough when it came to his comedy, Erica and Murray were battling it out over the gas tank. Which, I get because it’s likely annoying to get in a car and not have gas. This is not a problem I’ve ever had or will because I don’t drive, but I can see Murray’s rage. Was it enough for Erica to not only talk Barry into buying their own van and living in it, but also running away – no. However, it was cute to see that being pigheaded was what she inherited from her daddy.

Can was talk about Barry’s savings though for a second – WOW. I wish I had that will power to save like that and be super thrifty. I just can’t bring myself to eat from the trash. Also, Barry eating that corn on the cob…That was Emmy worthy. Hey academy – please take note that this and Fresh Off the Boat need some love.

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