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The Goldbergs 2×12 ‘Cowboy Country’: “Mom says I’m a 10…”


Puberty and football rivals were the focus of this week on The Goldbergs, but also the idea of standing up for those you love. That seems to be the overall running theme of this amazing half hour of laughter that packs in a lot of heart.

Dear Adam, puberty is not as grand as you’re making it appear to be. The smells, the acne, the voice changing – I’m sure when he hits it, he’ll rethink all of this actions and thoughts. For now though he’s suffering. I mean, I was that age once and I dreaded puberty because for a girl – the curse, the curse! For boys, what’s the worst part, I’m interested in knowing.


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Anyways, back to Adam – he felt so small, literally. His girlfriend, Dana, was mistaken for a freshman – he her little brother. Friend who’d been his size just months prior were not towering over him. Poor little guy just wanted to prove he was a man. To do so we saw him give Dana an expensive family ring. Which made Bev head down to the school and hilariously get it back. Adam’s been embarrassed before, but looking like he was proposing to his mom? That has to top the list for now.

Over in the other part of the family, Laney told Barry that her dad wanted to meet his. Easy enough, if it wasn’t when Murray’s Eagles were playing the game of the season against the Cowboys. Also, her dad is a HUGE fan of the supposed enemy. If there’s one thing Murray takes seriously, it’s his sports. So you can imagine how much he actually loves Barry when he was going to say the Cowboys were America’s team. I love Murray’s unspoken love he has for his kids…

That was cute, but Adam’s tears after his epic “ADAM hearts DAN” at the water tower that left him in tears was just heartbreaking. Usually I cry at this show at the heartfelt moments that always sneak up in the end, but this week my heart just broke for that kid.

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