The Fosters 2×08 “Girls Reunited”: Circle of life.

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This week on The Fosters we dive into a semi spin off with the majority of the episode being in the Girls United home. As expected, temperatures rise [literally]; secrets come out to serve a delightful slice of drama filled pie. Meanwhile back in at the Foster’s household Marianna, Mat, Jesus and Hayley have a classy four way dinner which goes splendidly well – yeah right!

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

Callie volunteers to go back to the home from which helped her onto the straight and narrow! Callie pretends it’s to help at the community day [where people from the neighbourhood come and see how awesome Rita is]. Rita is obviously aware that something is up with Callie but she doesn’t push she merely offers a bed to Callie and tells her she can stay as long as she needs to.

Back at the house Cole has finally landed himself a place at the coveted LGBT home thanks to Rita – however new house member Dev makes him question his desire to move. Dev is the newest addition with a track record for rebellion and attitude going from home to home and juvy to juvy. Cole believes that he and Dev will run off together however as inspector Callie discovers Dev is just using Cole for his drug dealer contacts but he doesn’t want to believe this.

I’m so happy that Becca is on the up, she’s stopped cutting and her mom is coming back for her. All seems well until her mom show up at community day and tells Becca she’s got a new place and a new man! In case you forgot Becca’s mother’s boyfriends used to abuse Becca so obviously this news has broken Becca’s freshly pieced together world. Becca returns to being a recluse and keeps herself away from the other girls.


Source: ABC Family

Kiara at first is pissed with Callie’s return because she feels like Callie is rubbing salt in the wound as Kiara hasn’t been fostered yet and Callie has two families willing to have her. Once Kiara gets it out of her system and she finally gets down to business and works out what is wrong with Callie. Kiara, having been through the same thing as Callie can understand and help Callie with what she’s going through in terms of connecting with Wyatt. Kiara reminds Callie that she’s got a good one and it’ll just take time.

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

Inspector Callie is at it again as she discovers Cole’s bags all packed and when she confronts him about it she finds out that he’s running away to be with Dev. At this point Dev runs in all guns blazing because she thinks Callie has stolen her drugs that she’s been sneaking in. It all kicks off and Cole gets caught in the cross fire as Dev lashes out and tells him that she’s using him for drugs and to escape and he’ll always be a freak! Did I mention that I hate Dev? Dev ups and leaves and Callie helps reassure Cole that he’s far from a freak and he knows who he is and the new home will help him be the man he knows he is. I absolutely love Cole’s storyline and I love the way the show handles it – not many shows deal with transgendered teens very well! Kudos!

All seems well and everybody goes to bed – bar Becca who seems to be the one who robbed the drugs. Becca passes out as she takes the drugs causing the whole home to go up in flames waking up the girls with smoke and fire. They all manage to escape thanks to Callie bursting through the save Rita and Becca from the burning down basement. Unfortunately all the girls need to be rehomed and Rita is left without a home for them with the lease running out as well – I wonder what’ll happen to them all….

Meanwhile back at the house the twins go on a double date, which ends in a bitch fight between Hayley and Marianna causing Hayley to leave and Jesus following her with his tail between his legs. However the best part was Mat finally going in for kill and him and Marianna finally kiss – I actually like this pairing please don’t mess things up for Marianna. Speaking about pairing, Brandon and Lou almost kiss but stop before anything happens – maybe next week?

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

Everybody but Jesus can see how manipulative and sneaky Hayley is but I think Jesus is going to have to learn he old-fashioned way and he will get hurt. I want Hayley out and I want Emma back – everybody does, even Stef. Last but not least Stef receives a letter from Ana explaining that she wants to right all the wrong she’s done starting with the twins and then Stef and Lena – after a lovely face time call with Lena she decides that in no way will this happen however towards the end of the episode Stef questions her decision.

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