The Fosters 2×07 “The Longest Day”: Love hard.


This week The Fosters do it again and tackle issues that other shows shy from! The fact it handles such big issues so gracefully and powerfully this is one of the many things that I love about this show. This week Jude and Callie are enjoying a day on the boat with the Quinns whilst Brandon climbs aboard the voyage of truth as he tells Stef and Mike what happened with Danni…Everybody seems to be busy this week and all but Brandon have plans outside of the house. Callie and Jude are off out for a fun day with the Quinns and for Jude to meet Roberts and [cray cray] Sophie. Marianna is at dance practice and Jesus is wrestling with Emma [and the team]. It’s the perfect set up for Brandon to come clean and Lena wastes no time. As soon as Stef and Mike arrive they enter an instantly awkward circle time like situation. Lena makes them all promise that nobody can leave until they all decide what to do – together!

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

After much worry and guessing Brandon finally comes out with ‘We had sex’ and Stef and Mike are so overwhelmed they start to take it out on each other and ignoring Brandon in the process. Mike believes that he needs to talk to Danni about this and Stef feels like Danni seduced him and blames herself. Thankfully Queen Lena steps in and offers up a lovely little pep talk to Stef bringing in some home truth about the way Stef is! Once Stef is calm Lena speaks to Mike and explains things so he understand clearer and her calms down.

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

I love Lena’s and Mike’s scenes because they seem to work so well together and I especially love it when the three parents have scenes together – such a weird but perfect relationship. Thanks to Lena; Stef and Mike are able to talk through some deep rooted problems back from their divorce as Stef feels a tremendous amount of guilt and blames herself but finally Mike assures it was both of them. Ten points for continuity, Fosters.

Stef goes in to talk to Brandon and he says he won’t co-operate and in his eyes it wasn’t rape and he isn’t a victim. Stef tries to explain to Brandon but he doesn’t want to listen to it. Mike tries to explain to Stef that he knows what 16-year-old boys think like but after Stef put it into perspective to him Mike changed his sense of direction straight away. Stef used Mariana to explain to Mike how serious it actually is and in doing so Stef [and the show] highlights the double standards of statuary rape and if it was Mariana who had sex with a teacher Mike would act upon it straight away.

One of my favourite scene from this episode was Mike explaining to Brandon that it was/is wrong and they must do something about it – Brandon agrees to do so. Although they were both talking about the legal side you could see from body language and the exchanges of looks that they felt so guilty and were constantly saying sorry with their eyes. Brandon mentioned Mike’s desire for a fresh start and apologies and Mike re-assures him that it’s ok – I hope Mike finds someone soon!

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

Meanwhile Jude and Callie enjoy a nice day with the Quinns and Callie agrees to accept the college fund offer – for her mother’s dreams to come true and because College is expensive. Jude honestly admits to not liking the fact that he has to share his sister and it sucks that they’ve come into their lives. However Jude being Jude explains there is nothing that can change the fact now and he’ll learn how to share just like how he shares Callie with the Fosters. I like how Jude is so open and honest with Callie and I also like that the show is not portraying him as this perfect little boy who is okay with everything and that sometimes its natural to be selfish or feel slightly jealous and that you have to deal with these things and talk about it. Meanwhile in Sophie’s head she is thinking about adopting Callie for herself and Robert seems more than happy with this idea – uh oh.

Two other things that were discovered in this episode were – Mariana and Tia are hopefully going to become friends now and both be good dancers regardless of Mariana’s insecurities AND Hayley is another crazy lady on the show who lied about finding out about her parents divorce she Jesus wouldn’t go to a TEAM meal so he wouldn’t see Emma. Hayley, Sophie and Danni are all apart of the same crazy cult but thankfully Danni was seen getting arrested at the end of the episode with Mike watching in the distance – is this the end of Danni?

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