The Fosters 2×05 “Truth Be Told”: I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

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So this week on The Fosters each and every family member tackles, creates and reflects upon their secrets. Unsurprisingly there are a lot of secrets that reside within the Foster household. From the wise words of The Marauder’s (Harry Potter reference for those of you that do not know) they solemnly swear that they are up to no good…

First off lets tackle the Dani and Brandon escapade! It’s empanada night at Dani’s and unfortunately Mike is working a late meaning he won’t make it home in time to taste the delicious food. This leads to a confrontation and therefore exchanged of sass and guilt between Dani and Brandon. Brandon explains that Dani took advantage of him (let’s not forget he’s 16 and it’s kind of illegal) and Dani bites back saying that he didn’t screw Dani that night he screwed his father – I’m not sure how I feel about that…weird weird weird thing to say Dani (partially true but still a weird analogy.)

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

Things get worse for Brandon as the band Someone’s Little Sister decide to go on a music journey and get high on top of the hill. The guilt mixed with the added paranoia of the massive pot brownies causes Brandon to freak out and he literally takes a hike to the bottom of the hill. Somehow Brandon manages to contact cool and relaxed Lena and she comes to pick him up and explains that she’s happy he phoned and didn’t lecture him persè but she dropped in that this pot business is a learning experience. I loved the scene with them in the car but it felt so authentic and was interesting to watch. Amongst all the babble Brandon confesses his lustful evening with his father’s girlfriend. Lena is obviously taken back by this and explains to Brandon that this is a secret she may not be able to keep for him.

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

Stef is on her own journey – a journey to discover the truth behind Mike’s shady actions. Dani tells Stef that Mike hardly comes home anymore and she feels like he’s either back on the drink or he’s cheating. At first Stef tells herself she doesn’t care but then she thinks of the kids and the disappearance of Ana. To make it worse she finally gets the dental records but she’s hesitant to hand them over because if they match it may link Mike to a murder! In order to make things clear Stef follows Mike home after work, only he doesn’t go home he goes to a dingy motel. Stef decides to knock on the door and is surprised to see Ana opening the door! I wasn’t expecting that at all (maybe for a second but I was like no it can’t be).

As per usual we have the Jesus love triangle! I swear he always makes his love life harder for himself. Emma pops back up and explains that maybe it was a mistake that they broke up which leaves him confused. After a lecture from mature Marianna he decides to end things with Hayley until she becomes little miss siren seductress and sways him into breaking up with Emma. Hayley also gets her claws into Marianna and gets her to let Emma know that Jesus is no longer on the market. The only good thing that has come out of this love triangle is Jesus telling Marianna that she’s a sheep and she’ll do anything for the dance team! Marianna I love you but I don’t like you in this stupid dance team!

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

Also this week – Callie feels as if she’s ready to do the deed with Mr. Wyatt until she has a panic attack and then stops! Poor Wyatt thinks it’s something he’s done and I knew why it was and it was made certain when she thought she saw Liam at work. Callie is obviously and understandably not over what Liam did to her! I’m so glad this story has been picked back up because I felt like it got lost somewhere in season 1. At first Callie thinks she’s still in love with Brandon but after in her hearts of heart she realizes what was wrong. She goes home to talk to Jude whose got selective mustism (I’m thinking it’s because of Connor’s dad or Sophia) and even though Callie is upset he still won’t speak however he puts out his hand for her. I found that scene so touching as you could see how much they need each other and how they’ll always be there for each other no matter what. Oh and before I forget, Sophia dropped by to give Callie the coat that she politely said she’d like – I’m nervous Sophia is going to get annoying very fast!

I can’t wait to see what’s behind the Ana/Mike story and I’m excited to see the showdown between Dani and the Moms! Let me know what you guys thought of this week’s ep!

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