The Fosters 2×06 “Mother”: Frankie.


Finally it’s all about Lena – usually Lena is there to pick everybody else up or to deal with somebody else’s problems. I think her deterioration was a long time coming but I didn’t expect it to go down like it did…

The episode started peacefully perfect with Stef and Lena cuddled up in their bed with baby Frankie (named after Stef’s late father) sitting in her crib. If only it would have stayed that way all happy, cozy and loved up! Of course with it being The Fosters it had to be a dream. Lena was awoken by the bickering of the twins and as she tries to tell them off she feels lightheaded – uh-oh.

Throughout the episode Lena’s health unknowingly depletes as she’s told to be on bed rest. Everything was going so good, they were all playing Monopoly on the bed together and everything was going to be fine until all the kids get called out of their classes. Lena has been rushed to the hospital for the second time. We sadly find out that Lena has got pre-eclampsia meaning keeping the baby could put Lena’s life severely at risk. Heartbroken, Lena struggles to come to terms with this harsh reality and Stef is lost for words.

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

Dana Adams comes to the rescue and her and Lena share a powerful and moving scene. Lena confesses that she selfishly wanted something of hers, something anybody would want, out of fear that everybody else would turn around and throw the you’re-not-my-mom card. Even though we can all understand where Lena’s coming from we also know that her family would never do such a thing and Dana reassures her of this. Dana explains that Lena is a brilliant mother and being a parent is about sacrifice and doing things for your children – biology is no the be and end all of things and love is definitely stronger than blood. Everything about the scene was perfect – apart from the bit where Dana comes out to give Stef the nod signifying that Lena has accepted that she must deliver her baby.

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

Deafening silence lingers in the waiting room until Callie whispers to Jude that she will never runaway from him again or do anything that upsets him, like seeing Sophia. In moments like these you realize who is important and what is important, and for Callie it’s Jude. Thanks to some wise words from Brandon Callie learns that being silent and shutting everybody who cares out is selfish and doesn’t help anybody. She tells Jude this and after two episodes his silence breaks and we hear his sweet little voice – welcome back!

I loved the scene with Brandon and Callie – it’s weird because they’re starting the act like siblings but they also seem like that best friend you have that just so happens to be your ex. I think for now Brallie is far-gone and after Wyatt coming to Brandon for help with Callie problems I think it’s safe to say Wyatt is here for the long run. In the end Callie finally tells Wyatt why she acted the way she did when they tried to have sex and tears came to his eyes! I love them both – he tells her that all he ever asks is that she speaks to him.

At the end a little girl gifts Lena a unicorn and before she leaves she asks the name and the unicorn is called Frankie. I think that was a nice ending because it rounded the episode off nicely in a bittersweet kind of way….

Moving away from the main plot – we find out that Mike did intend to finish Ana off for good that day which is why he’s helping her with her recovery of sobriety. He feels as if helping her with purge him of his sins – I can see where he’s coming from but I just don’t trust Ana one bit. This season seems to be about the trickiness of biology and I feel like she may try to interfere with the twins again! Speaking of biology, Mike and Dani are thinking of having a baby and Lena knows she must do something about that and so does Brandon!

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

So much happens in an episode I can’t cope! Who knows what’ll happen next week – I’m hoping for a kiss between Matt and Mariana.

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