The Fosters 2×04 “Say Something”: Integrity


This week on The Fosters Callie takes a walk down biological lane leaving Jude feeling some type of way. Followed by Lena applying for the principle role with added stress from Timothy! Marianna continues her rollercoaster journey with the dance team and Jesus goes on a completely different ride with a member from the dance team…

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

The time has come for Callie to finally meet Sophia but before she does she asks Jude if he’s okay with it. Although he says that if that’s what she wants then it’s fine – he’s face says something else. Convinced that Jude is okay Callie goes on ahead to meet Sophia and at first it seems to be quite awkward. I think most of that was from Sophia’s mothers. Fair enough you’re annoyed that your husband has another daughter but it isn’t Callie’s fault. After sugar coating her story of where she comes from Callie makes an effort with an eager Sophia. Sophie desperate to create a bond invites her sister to her room and arranges to do more things to do that won’t involve her mother. I understand Jude’s stress as well over this situation because maybe he feels like he is less of a family member to Callie now, although after a couple of episodes I hope he can realizes that he’s everything to Callie.

Back at school Lena is applying for the principle position but after a grilling from Timothy and the school boards desire for ‘new blood’ she doesn’t get it. At first it seems like Timothy did this because Stef and Lena don’t want to give Timothy any rights. But that isn’t the case as we find out he voted for her and he signs away his rights over their unborn daughter, yes the little baby is a girl! However to throw a spanner in the works Stef decides that maybe they should let Timothy be involved in the baby’s life, maybe as an uncle or something after spending time with Robert and realizing what it’s like to have a daughter taken away from you.

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

Marianna is having issues with the dance group again as she finds out she’s only on the team as an insurance policy cause her mother is the head teacher. I feel a bit sorry for her and I hope she rejoins the drama club and gets rid of the bitches on the dance team! Hayley and Jesus decide to see each other secretly forcing Marianna to lie to poor Emma. I want Emma back I miss Emma.

A couple that is going strong is Wyatt and Callie. At the beginning of the episode Callie is hesitant to tell Wyatt she loves him. However after a chat with her sister and then Brandon she realizes its time to let go. Whilst Brandon is releasing their song ‘outlaws’ Callie decided to let Wyatt in and tells him she loves him back! Yaaaay finally! Callie and Brandon are both letting go and hopefully they’ll move on – but with it being The Fosters who knows what’ll happen. To ruin the lovely moment Stef and Lena rush out to Callie to tell her that Jude isn’t speaking and he hasn’t been for days. I wander what it is?!?!!?

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