The Fosters 2×03 “Play”: Baby moon.


What do you do when your parents leave and go away on a ‘baby moon’? Have a few people over of course! This week on The Fosters we watch Stef and Lena go away to (re)connect leaving the kids at home to be responsible young adults and not have anyone over…

Of course that isn’t the case – Brandon is more or less apart of his friends band but much like before him and Lou still clash. Brandon suggests that they play to an audience and of course Lou suggests something ludicrous – having a few people around also known as a party. Once word gets around a few becomes many and Mariana uses it as a chance to get herself in with the dance girls even though they’ve obviously bitches and Mariana shouldn’t want to socialize with them!

Stef and Lena are having issues connecting and feel like they’ve lost themselves. I think it’s some sort of a tradition but they’re off on a baby moon to celebrate the baby and to celebrate their last bit of freedom. Whilst away on the baby moon, Stef can’t help but think of the kids at home or other parent-y type things. This annoys Lena and she feels unloved and unheard but after the usual moments of passive aggressiveness they make up with a bit of lovin’.

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

However whilst they’re away Callie is doing everything in her power to try stop the party from happening. Her siblings are having none of it which forces her to get Wyatt over to assist with keeping an eye on the house and barricading everything off! I loved seeing Callie like it and my favourite was watching Brandon and Callie squabbling like siblings and thankfully Wyatt picked up on it as well.

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

Whilst Callie is trying to protect her house, Marianna is trying to get closer to the dance girls and she even finds out about certain rules that the dance girls mustn’t do, however throughout the night each and every rule is broken. One of them gets drunk and throws up on Stef and Lena’s bed and the other hooks up with Jesus for some garage rebound sex, leaving the others dancing and using the choreographed moves that were meant to be a secret.

I’m not sure how I feel about Jesus hooking up with somebody so soon after Emma – I would’ve liked to see him try a bit more with Emma rather than just letting her go so easily but thankfully Jesus used a condom this time! Back outside Lou and Brandon are back to their bickering and Lou decides to leave and finds her way exploring Brandon’s room. Of course Callie finds Lou snooping whilst she’s on house watch and she explains everything Brandon has been through in hope that Lou would understand Brandon more and thankfully she did and they sang a duet together and everything and it was perfect – can they both just hurry and get together.

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

Whilst all this was happening, June was having a party of his own with Connor and the girls. At first Connor wasn’t their because his dad didn’t want him associating with Jude. Later on however, we find out that Connor snuck out which ruins Connor and Jude’s potential first kiss in spin the bottle. At this moment in time I dont think that Connor likes Jude in that way but you never know what twists and turns will come. The best part was watching the kids thinking they got away with all (including a broken window which Wyatt supposedly fixed) only for Stef to slam the door making the window glass fall straight out of the window pain – uh-oh what a smashing ending.

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